Sometimes we become professional “load barriers.” We carry the load for our children, our parents, loved ones, co-workers and friends. There is nothing wrong with it, but every once in a while life will hit you so hard that you need someone to carry the load for you.

I have learned that people who carry the largest loads often have very few people that can carry a load for them in return. Well, I have good news on this early Sunday morning. You have a Father that never sleeps or slumbers, He knows every tear you cried, He knows the reason behind every trial, He was there through every temptation (the tests you passed and the ones you didn’t), and He never left you.

That same God, that knows you, and loves you anyway is standing and waiting for you to release the load. It is too heavy for you anyway. Go ahead, and release it to Him. Cast your burdens on Him. He has got you covered, you don’t have to even attempt to keep that load to yourself. Relinquish it today. Leave it with Him and get up renewed in faith that you commit every single issue in your life to Him.

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