Have you recently faced a health crisis, financial difficulty, job loss, or relationship disaster that has left you not wanting to get out of bed?

If you have I definitely understand. Currently, I am on the road to recovery from a sickness I didn’t see coming! It’s tough. Especially, when you are serving God, helping people and doing everything you know to live right and do your best. If you are not careful you sink into depression and despair. Well, I want to encourage you not to let that happen. Don’t call in sick, don’t start smoking a pack of cigarettes a day, don’t think that your answer can be found in the bottle contained in brown, paper bag. Just get up and keep doing good! Get up and keep being a blessing! Get up and keep living!

The trial will pass, and in the end, you will be glad that you didn’t give in to the enemy trying to convince you to give up!

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