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Tyrus Hinton has been providing emotional support to families for the last 18 years. His approach to assist families with the healing process after any terminal diagnosis has proven to be effective. His understanding of the many transitions a family must work through has been most helpful. He has experienced terminal diagnosis of one of his children and survived a cancer diagnosis of his own. Tyrus along with his family continue to visit families in hospitals throughout the east coast through Hinton Cares Foundation, a non-profit organization which provided emotional support to families battling newly diagnosed terminal illnesses. Each family is sure to receive some uplifting words and a care package to make their hospital stay a little more comforting. We provide support during diagnosis, hospital stays, treatment sessions, hospice, grief support and follow up. 

Tyrus also serves as an Associate Pastor at http://www.wocconline.org where he provides support to the Senior Pastor and Pastoral care to the congregations.

His personal and Foundations motto is “Doing what we can, while we can!”


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  1. Pastor Hinton is the best dynamic pastor/preacher/teacher that I know. He lives by the word of God, and can help you with the process of changing in the good Life. I love pastor and my New Day church family. You will truly be blessed!!!

  2. New Day gives a new start to so many of us who have lost our way and needed to know that we serve a God of second chances. We often want to live a good life but aren’t aware of how to begin and fear embarrassment of redoing our first works. Pastor Tyrus has mastered the art of the “returning saint”. He does this in his delivery of always standing in a non-judgment zone and remaining extremely transparent to his congregation. In this, people are set free from bondage that they otherwise would have not, because we are usually our worst enemy. There is liberty at New Day CFC, and it’s where I started my new day. His messages and teaching style is relevant to the times of the world and allows people to “enjoy” their New Day with INSTRUCTION. He assists in the building of the “total saint”. Not too often do you still see a Pastor that has a genuine interest in “the person”. We at New Day love our Pastor and know that we are attached to the ministry for such a time as this. WE ROCK!!!! (and so can you, come join us)

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