Happy Wednesday Friends!

My hopes are that you are well and following the laws applicable to your area.

I hope that you are making the best of this time with family and friends. Here are a 10 things that I am doing with my time.

1- Re-reading some of my favorite books and a few new ones that I ordered prior.

2- Playing family games: Scrabble is my favorite

3- Writing, writing, writing. (new book content)

4- Checking on loved ones. Family and close friends.

5- Watching inspirational and motivational videos.

6- Closet clean up and preparing clothes for donation.

7- Physical Fitness. Walking/running in the community.

8- Working: split time in office and at home. (So thankful)

9- Maintaining my daily routines. Up at 4:30 AM and in bed before 11:00 PM.

10- Enjoying my family. We are catching up on everything.

What are you doing to pass the time? Are you essential? If yes, are you taking the necessary precautions to ensure that you have placed yourself in the best possible position to remain healthy?

Hang in there friends!