It’s Monday! For many it is the start of the work week. Let’s approach this week believing that something great is about to happen! What are today’s challenges saying to you, Impossible or I’m possible? The way we view a challenge can lead to us taking a limiting or encouraging approach. Science and technology would not have made the huge advances that it has if these ground-breaking individuals believed in impossibility. Impossible is only impossible until someone finds a way to make it possible. So instead of declaring that something is impossible let’s say that it is possible, I just need to find out how.

The initial battle for success takes place in the mind. Our mind set dictates how we think, feel and approach challenges. If you change the way you think about something, you can change the outcome. What seems like an impossible task can probably be achieved with the right resources. If you open your mind to all possibilities you will find a way to make it possible. When you limit your expectations, you immediately limit your results.

You have been called to touch the lives of others and whatever your plans and goals are, this is a huge undertaking. Whenever your task is looking impossible remember that with God, all things are possible! Fill your mind with thoughts of positivity, enthusiasm, and determination. God has not put limits on what you can achieve and neither should you.

What Makes A Winner

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From Olympic Gold medalist to multi-billionaires, all winners have three characteristics that are critical to their success. If you want advancement and achievement in your life, it will not happen without them. I like to call them the three P’s: Passion, Perseverance and Practice.

Passion is the driving force of any successful person. Your passion is tied to your purpose and will be what gives you the faith to keep going. Passion gives you an exceptional love for your work and the impact it makes. Your passion will distinguish you from the rest.

Perseverance ensures working towards the goal despite any flaws, setbacks, disappointments or even gains.  Ask any successful person and they will give you a list of flaws and challenges they have had to overcome. Perseverance is key, because without it your passion cannot be lived out.

Practice takes commitment and discipline. Having a talent or a gift does not make you the best at it. The difference with winners is that they are willing to put in the work and the hours of practice that it takes to be the best. Even when they reach a certain level of achievement, they keep on going and may even increase their practice time to reach the next level.

The bottom line is that, no matter how gifted or talented you are, you have to use and develop it to reach your potential. There is the ability within all of us to be a winner, but how we run the race will determine the level of triumph.

Quick Guide To Success

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See your goal

Always remember the reason behind your goal. Keep yourself enthused by reliving the moment that it first came to mind. Remind yourself of the end result that you want to achieve. Break your goal into smaller tasks so that you can see your progression over time.

Understand the obstacles

Success comes with many challenges. There will be certain factors that will attempt to hinder or distract you. Get an idea of what those challenges will be and plan and prepare yourself to overcome them.

Create a positive mental picture

You must visualize your goal, see yourself being or doing whatever it is that you want. Use imagery; create a vision board; write it down or draw it out; use positive language concerning your goal.

Clear your mind of self-doubt

Don’t doubt yourself. Know what you are capable of and believe that with your hard work and time you can achieve anything.

Embrace the challenge

Challenges can be a great thing because they teach us about ourselves, and cause us to develop the tools necessary to deal with difficulties. Use all the challenges that come your way to better yourself and understand how to use them to your advantage.

Stay on track

Obstacles will come your way, and sometimes may even derail you. If you mess up, simply pick back up from where you left off. Do your best to stay on task: focus, plan ahead, get support, and develop habits that lead to achievement.

Show the world you can do it!

Realistic Goal Setting

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It’s that time of year when we are paying attention to the coming new year and the future. Goals and new year resolutions are being set all over the world. We all have specific things that we want to achieve in life. Goals can be anything from how much money you want to earn, to what places you want to visit. Goals are important because they come from our desires, and our success and happiness often depend on achieving them. Therefore, we should all set out to establish attainable goals and work diligently to accomplish them. There are certain questions you should consider when you set your next goals…

Is this possible? Before working towards a goal, you should make sure that you can realistically achieve it. If you set your goals too high, you risk being very disappointed when you figure you can’t complete the goal. It is better to set continuous short-term achievable goals, in an effort towards achieving a long-term goal.

How long will it take to achieve? The length of time it will take to achieve a goal is worth being considered. Make sure you set a realistic time period to accomplish the goal. Once you decide on it regularly check your calendar to make sure that you are on target.

How will I go about funding or achieving this goal? Always figure out the best route to completing a goal before deciding upon it. Money is often necessary to achieve a goal, so make sure you have a plan in place to acquire the funds needed.  When the path to a goal is well planed out it is much easier to achieve.

Open Mindedness

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It is important to have an open-mind. To be open-minded means: to be willing to consider new ideas; unprejudiced.

Without having an open mind, you won’t be unable to understand the perspectives of others who have differing opinions. Because of this, many people find it difficult to challenge the beliefs and behaviors that they have been raised with. Having an open mind allows you to experience new ideas and thoughts.

When you have a closed mind you are unable to adapt and be flexible, and life will be less rewarding, satisfying and interesting. To be closed-minded also puts limits on your life, as you will never be able to truly move forward. Having an open mind provides opportunity to learn new things and build on what you already know.

The most difficult thing about being open minded is admitting that there may be other views and possibilities that you have not contemplated. Open mindedness requires honesty and courage to re-evaluate, and maybe even amend, what you believe to be true.

Having an open mind doesn’t mean that you change who you are, but it will allow you to meaningfully interact with others in the diverse world in which we live.

You Are Where You Are Supposed To Be

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We are rapidly approaching the New Year! This instinctively means that we will be assessing our achievements and setting goals for the year ahead. When you do your self-assessment, give yourself permission to be wherever it is that you are in your process. You are right where you are supposed to be right now. When you set your goals, be careful not to over pressurize yourself. Most people set goals according to where they think they should be in life, and not according to where they actually are in life. Maybe you have begun to regret some of your life choices and think that you should be further along in life. Setting goals with this frame of mind will lead you to overexert yourself and you will probably experience burn-out before you even get close to accomplishing your goals. Acknowledge and embrace where you are right now, and set your goals from that place. If you do this, your goals will be relevant, attainable, and challenging enough to cause personal growth.

An Overnight Success Does Not Happen Overnight

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In this age of internet stars, and instant fame through social media, everything seems like instant success. It has trained our minds to believe that we can do what we desire without putting in the time. If we don’t see the success that we want within a couple of months we give up, thinking that this isn’t for us.

What we call an ‘overnight success’ is really a result of the blood, sweat and tears that went on behind the scenes possibly for years previously. Becoming an ‘overnight success’ will take lots of:

TIME. We have to get back the desire to work for what we want, and be willing to work at it for as long as it takes. There are no short-cuts to success. The key is to be prepared, so that when an opportunity arises we can quickly act on it. A common characteristic of an overnight success is that they will put in the time that others are unwilling to.

PERSISTENCE. There will be good days and bad days, failures and success, but an overnight success will keep on pushing. Hearing a ‘no’ does not mean give up, it means regroup.

FOCUS. It has become so easy to jump from goal to goal, opportunity to opportunity without accomplishing much. An overnight success understands the value of consistency and seeing things through to obtain the desired result. Your focus is what will keep you grounded and connected to purpose despite the circumstances.