You Are Capable of More Than You Think

How many times have you wished that you could do something, or go somewhere that you have been dreaming about? Dreams are the seeds of reality. If we plant them and nurture them they will become an actuality in our lives. Oftentimes, dreams are left unfulfilled because we think that we are incapable of carrying … Continue reading You Are Capable of More Than You Think

Productivity VS Being Busy

Have you ever been completely overwhelmed by the length of your to do list? Sometimes it feels like we are working and working, going and going, but have little to show for it. This is a definite sign that you need to take time to reflect, reorganize and prioritize. Having a lot to do and … Continue reading Productivity VS Being Busy

You Are Amazing!

Take time to appreciate yourself. Go on, it’s OK! It’s so easy to get caught up in work, building businesses, future goals, being great parents that we forget to appreciate ourselves. Your goals and dreams are not going to happen without you – that’s how important you are! Make a list of the things that … Continue reading You Are Amazing!

Turn Your “I Can’t into I Can”

Have you heard the words innovation, groundbreaking, progressive? These words have become part of the marketplace vocabulary and are what every modern business wants to be. They have become the words that define your relevance or the relevance of your business. Being able to assign these attributes to yourself or your business causes you to … Continue reading Turn Your “I Can’t into I Can”

Timing Is Everything

Hi Everyone! It’s Monday and I hope you are ready for an extra special week! I want to encourage you that God’s plan for your life is in progress. God will allow events and happenings to take place that will 1) cause you to discover your place in the area of society you have been … Continue reading Timing Is Everything