Take Care of your Relationships

Who supports us when we struggle? Who comes to our aid when we’re in trouble? Who truly loves us? Who encourages, motivates and challenges us? Most of us would respond to these questions with “our family and friends.” We all can agree that the people who we are in relationship with fulfill these needs. Yet … Continue reading Take Care of your Relationships

Listening VS. Hearing

Yes, there is a major difference between listening and hearing. Usually, when someone is speaking, we can hear what they are saying, but are we truly listening? Everyone with fully operational ears has the ability to hear, but it requires both the ear and the brain to listen. According to the oxford dictionary hearing is: … Continue reading Listening VS. Hearing

Focus on your Potential

Do you pay more attention to your weaknesses or you strengths? It is important to recognize and acknowledge your weaknesses, and work on improving in those areas whenever you can, but putting too much emphasis on these areas can become a limitation to your growth. We almost always equate self-development to working on the areas … Continue reading Focus on your Potential

The Time is Now

Tick Tock Tick Tock - the clock don't stop. As humorous as the beginning of this blog may be, please know that the above mentioned statement is the absolute truth. The clock hasn't stopped, and time is of the essence. There is a door of opportunity for you to make "that" move right now and your … Continue reading The Time is Now