It’s Monday! For many it is the start of the work week. Let’s approach this week believing that something great is about to happen! What are today’s challenges saying to you, Impossible or I’m possible? The way we view a challenge can lead to us taking a limiting or encouraging approach. Science and technology would not have made the huge advances that it has if these ground-breaking individuals believed in impossibility. Impossible is only impossible until someone finds a way to make it possible. So instead of declaring that something is impossible let’s say that it is possible, I just need to find out how.

The initial battle for success takes place in the mind. Our mind set dictates how we think, feel and approach challenges. If you change the way you think about something, you can change the outcome. What seems like an impossible task can probably be achieved with the right resources. If you open your mind to all possibilities you will find a way to make it possible. When you limit your expectations, you immediately limit your results.

You have been called to touch the lives of others and whatever your plans and goals are, this is a huge undertaking. Whenever your task is looking impossible remember that with God, all things are possible! Fill your mind with thoughts of positivity, enthusiasm, and determination. God has not put limits on what you can achieve and neither should you.

Look Forward To the New Year!

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As the New Year quickly approaches, remember to look ahead and not back. The new year comes with new challenges, and new opportunities. It is a chance to build and grow and put into practice all of the lessons 2016 has taught. Be optimistic, be positive, and ready to embrace all that the New Year has for you. Remember that all change begins from within, so the only thing that can hinder your advancement is you. You are well able to accomplish your goals and dreams and live a purpose driven life. 2017 is yours for the taking, let your passion allow you to possess what’s yours.

Quick Guide To Success

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See your goal

Always remember the reason behind your goal. Keep yourself enthused by reliving the moment that it first came to mind. Remind yourself of the end result that you want to achieve. Break your goal into smaller tasks so that you can see your progression over time.

Understand the obstacles

Success comes with many challenges. There will be certain factors that will attempt to hinder or distract you. Get an idea of what those challenges will be and plan and prepare yourself to overcome them.

Create a positive mental picture

You must visualize your goal, see yourself being or doing whatever it is that you want. Use imagery; create a vision board; write it down or draw it out; use positive language concerning your goal.

Clear your mind of self-doubt

Don’t doubt yourself. Know what you are capable of and believe that with your hard work and time you can achieve anything.

Embrace the challenge

Challenges can be a great thing because they teach us about ourselves, and cause us to develop the tools necessary to deal with difficulties. Use all the challenges that come your way to better yourself and understand how to use them to your advantage.

Stay on track

Obstacles will come your way, and sometimes may even derail you. If you mess up, simply pick back up from where you left off. Do your best to stay on task: focus, plan ahead, get support, and develop habits that lead to achievement.

Show the world you can do it!

Embrace the Unexpected

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How would you describe yourself: are you more of a control freak or a happy-go-lucky, roll with the punches type of person? As much as I have written about organization, goal setting, and planning in previous blogs, I also have to emphasize that being able to deal with the un-planned situations is just as important to really live a happy, successful life. In fact, it is often the unexpected, random occurrences in life and business that facilitate opportunities or conditions which deliver the most joy or the most important lessons.

Sometimes we have to embrace the chaos. In the midst of all the plans there will undoubtedly be things that we cannot control, and that’s ok. The key is to allow these unexpected occurrences to take place without discouraging or derailing your dreams. The chaos that may ensue may not be chaos at all, but a way for you to refocus or even change focus. Success will depend on how you respond to random events. Be careful not to let opportunities pass you by, in life and in business, because it was not part of your plan.

Maximize Your Energy

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We can have the best laid plans, fantastic goals and dreams of achievement, but the reality is success takes work and effort. Work and effort need energy. If you find yourself stuck or not progressing as quickly as you hoped it could simply be because you don’t have the energy to carry out the necessary work. We put a lot of emphasis on time management, but what about energy management?

Energy drainers. From the moment we wake up in the morning, we are expending  stored energy. There are some activities that use up more than their fair share of energy, and, as a result, leave our energy resources depleted. Let’s start with the obvious, lack of sleep or poor quality sleep. Sleep affects your motivation, willpower and energy levels. The next is limited movement. It seems as though less movement would be a great way to save energy, when in fact it does just the opposite. A lot of the technology we use to make life more efficient has restricted our need to move around. Driving and using computers, for example, actually have a draining effect. What you eat also has a major effect on your energy levels. Food effects your metabolism and hormonal system, which in turn impacts how you feel. Junk and sugary foods are major energy drainers. Another energy drainer that you might not have considered is worry and anxiety. Excessive worrying, drains and wastes the energy you could use productively elsewhere. Friends and family can also be an energy drainer. We don’t want to live without them, but we must be aware of the energy being spent on them. Negative and toxic people should receive very little of your energy.

Energy builders. Better quality sleep will restore your level of energy. Try to get 7-9 hours of sleep in the dark. Limit the use of electronics before bedtime, and don’t take stimulants in the late afternoon or evening. If sleep is a problem, consider the use of calming herbal teas such as chamomile. Move more – activity actually builds energy capacity in your body and brain. Walk at least once a day, and plan some form of exercise into your routine. Eating better is the number one way to build or increase energy, as most of our energy comes from the food we eat. Eat balanced meals, and drink plenty of water. Avoid caffeine, and eat breakfast. Focus on the positive aspects of your life while you work on the things you want to change. Surround yourself with positive people. Avoid those who take advantage of you, and make sure you are taking time out for yourself to relax and take part in activities that replenish your energy and make you happy.

Success and Responsibility

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People measure success in a huge variety of ways. For some, it may be how much money they have in the bank. For others it may the size of their house or the type of car they drive. What does success look like to you?

Inspire. Whatever success means to you, one thing is certain. Someone will be inspired by you. You don’t have to be a celebrity or popular to be an inspiration to someone else. Without you even noticing, someone is watching your methods, your ethics and your habits and will choose to do what you do to reach their goals.

Give back. Whether we acknowledge it or not, we have a responsibility to give back and assist those who are coming up after us. You may not have a million dollars to give away, but your time, your expertise and your encouragement are just as valuable.

With success comes responsibility. Bear in mind that everything you do can, and will, shape your life and the lives of others. It is down to you to decide the extent of your impact on the world.

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Don’t Give Up

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We all have certain goals that we want to achieve, and often while relentlessly pursuing these goals we are faced with various difficulties and obstacles. These obstacles attempt to hold us down and prevent us from doing what we believe we were born to do. Sometimes we cause these obstacles and sometimes we have nothing to do with them. Nevertheless, they are in our way of achieving our goals.

No matter how those obstacles got into your life it is your duty to yourself to overcome it and press on. Often times the obstacles that attempt to hinder us, actually cause us to grow and learn new tools that help us live better lives. So my message to you is to press on push forward and don’t give up on the conquest of your goals!

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