It’s Monday! For many it is the start of the work week. Let’s approach this week believing that something great is about to happen! What are today’s challenges saying to you, Impossible or I’m possible? The way we view a challenge can lead to us taking a limiting or encouraging approach. Science and technology would not have made the huge advances that it has if these ground-breaking individuals believed in impossibility. Impossible is only impossible until someone finds a way to make it possible. So instead of declaring that something is impossible let’s say that it is possible, I just need to find out how.

The initial battle for success takes place in the mind. Our mind set dictates how we think, feel and approach challenges. If you change the way you think about something, you can change the outcome. What seems like an impossible task can probably be achieved with the right resources. If you open your mind to all possibilities you will find a way to make it possible. When you limit your expectations, you immediately limit your results.

You have been called to touch the lives of others and whatever your plans and goals are, this is a huge undertaking. Whenever your task is looking impossible remember that with God, all things are possible! Fill your mind with thoughts of positivity, enthusiasm, and determination. God has not put limits on what you can achieve and neither should you.

Let Go or Hold On?

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We have all been there, trying to make the decision to hold on and keep pressing through, or to let go, learn the lessons and try something new. How do we know that, if we would just hold on for a couple more days, that big break won’t come along? How do we know if we are wasting our time, money or energy, and should cut our losses and run? The truth is, if we are asking ourselves this question, then there probably isn’t a clear cut answer.

Trust your instincts. Take time to really concentrate on what you want. Let go of what others have said you should do, and what you think you should do. Let the Holy Spirit guide you through your fears and self-doubt so that you can come to a decision.

Remember the purpose. Always be mindful of the reason why you started the process in the first place. Is the path you are on still aligned with the purpose? If it is, it well be growing and shaping into what you envisioned, progress may be slow, but it will be evident.

Be honest with yourself and where you are going. There is no shame in starting over or starting again, just as there is no shame in holding on until all possibilities have been exhausted. What matters is that you remain well during the process, that you remain connected to God, and that you maintain faith in your purpose.

Quick Guide To Success

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See your goal

Always remember the reason behind your goal. Keep yourself enthused by reliving the moment that it first came to mind. Remind yourself of the end result that you want to achieve. Break your goal into smaller tasks so that you can see your progression over time.

Understand the obstacles

Success comes with many challenges. There will be certain factors that will attempt to hinder or distract you. Get an idea of what those challenges will be and plan and prepare yourself to overcome them.

Create a positive mental picture

You must visualize your goal, see yourself being or doing whatever it is that you want. Use imagery; create a vision board; write it down or draw it out; use positive language concerning your goal.

Clear your mind of self-doubt

Don’t doubt yourself. Know what you are capable of and believe that with your hard work and time you can achieve anything.

Embrace the challenge

Challenges can be a great thing because they teach us about ourselves, and cause us to develop the tools necessary to deal with difficulties. Use all the challenges that come your way to better yourself and understand how to use them to your advantage.

Stay on track

Obstacles will come your way, and sometimes may even derail you. If you mess up, simply pick back up from where you left off. Do your best to stay on task: focus, plan ahead, get support, and develop habits that lead to achievement.

Show the world you can do it!

Open Mindedness

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It is important to have an open-mind. To be open-minded means: to be willing to consider new ideas; unprejudiced.

Without having an open mind, you won’t be unable to understand the perspectives of others who have differing opinions. Because of this, many people find it difficult to challenge the beliefs and behaviors that they have been raised with. Having an open mind allows you to experience new ideas and thoughts.

When you have a closed mind you are unable to adapt and be flexible, and life will be less rewarding, satisfying and interesting. To be closed-minded also puts limits on your life, as you will never be able to truly move forward. Having an open mind provides opportunity to learn new things and build on what you already know.

The most difficult thing about being open minded is admitting that there may be other views and possibilities that you have not contemplated. Open mindedness requires honesty and courage to re-evaluate, and maybe even amend, what you believe to be true.

Having an open mind doesn’t mean that you change who you are, but it will allow you to meaningfully interact with others in the diverse world in which we live.

You Are Where You Are Supposed To Be

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We are rapidly approaching the New Year! This instinctively means that we will be assessing our achievements and setting goals for the year ahead. When you do your self-assessment, give yourself permission to be wherever it is that you are in your process. You are right where you are supposed to be right now. When you set your goals, be careful not to over pressurize yourself. Most people set goals according to where they think they should be in life, and not according to where they actually are in life. Maybe you have begun to regret some of your life choices and think that you should be further along in life. Setting goals with this frame of mind will lead you to overexert yourself and you will probably experience burn-out before you even get close to accomplishing your goals. Acknowledge and embrace where you are right now, and set your goals from that place. If you do this, your goals will be relevant, attainable, and challenging enough to cause personal growth.

Teach, Teacher!

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You may not have thought of yourself as a teacher, but you are in fact teaching daily through your behavior, speech and attitude. We as people are all natural learners, picking up information from our surroundings and experiences without even having to think about it. This, by default, also makes us all teachers. Everyone who comes into your surroundings learns something from you, whether good or bad.

Just being yourself is the most powerful way that you teach others. You have a responsibility to be you and teach by example. Your life speaks even when your voice doesn’t. How you react and respond to the situations in your life are being watched by someone who admires or looks up to you and will influence the way that they think and act.

Don’t be afraid to share what you know with others. You may not be an official mentor, but something as simple and informal as casual comments can have an impact on someone else. Sometimes people limit what they say to others because of not wanting to overstep boundaries. If you feel an urge to share some information with someone, follow your instinct. God has allowed you to come through various circumstances so that you can use what you know to help others.

We are all teachers who teach without knowing. When you understand this, you can use your life to teach from a place of service to others. There is someone in your environment that needs the information that you have, and you do not need a pulpit or a classroom to teach it.

The Heart That Gives Will Never Be Empty

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This is the most loved time of the year for many. The holiday season is especially dedicated to family, food and festivities! It may not be a religious event for everyone, but it can be used as a period of time committed to thinking about, and giving to others.

If we can stop ourselves from being taken over by the commercialism of the season, we can truly make giving a priority. Giving is one activity that everyone can do that is as beneficial to the giver as it is to the receiver.

Giving makes you happy. Not only does God love a cheerful giver, but studies show that giving makes you cheerful!

Giving evokes gratitude. When you give to others it makes you appreciative of what you have, as it reveals to yourself that you have enough abundance to be able to provide for more than just yourself.

Giving causes a return. When you give you receive, this is a fundamental law of the universe. And so, a simple benefit to giving is knowing that you will receive back what you gave out.

Giving benefits your health. Giving is a natural stimulus for the brain. Studies have shown that giving can lower blood-pressure, increase self-esteem and reduce stress levels.

Giving touches the world. When you give to others through money or a service you have a direct impact on a person or people, which will then create a domino effect that positively impacts communities, cities, countries and the entire world. No “small act of giving” is actually small, as it can have a drastic impact on many others.

Giving makes you whole. Humans are social beings who thrive on mutual support in tight communities. That is how humans have survived and how we have thrived. Therefore, giving is an important component that plays an important role in distinguishing you as human and a conscious being.

Giving is simply the right thing to do. There doesn’t and shouldn’t always be a reason to give other than that it is right. If you want to live the best life you could possibly live, giving should be at the top of your priorities.