What Makes A Winner

From Olympic Gold medalist to multi-billionaires, all winners have three characteristics that are critical to their success. If you want advancement and achievement in your life, it will not happen without them. I like to call them the three P’s: Passion, Perseverance and Practice. Passion is the driving force of any successful person. Your passion is … Continue reading What Makes A Winner

Failure Means Growth

We often hear the phrase "learn from your mistakes", but have you ever taken the time to truly understand what this phrase represents? Mistakes and failures represent growth. Life presents us with plenty of opportunities, however, all of them will not be a success: failure is inevitable but it is not definitive. Don't allow failure … Continue reading Failure Means Growth

Possibilities Are Everywhere

It’s a new week, with new opportunities, and new possibilities. If you are feeling boxed in, or maybe unsure of what your next move should be, change your point of view so that you can see the possibilities that are all around you. Possibilities are the options and prospects that are open and available to … Continue reading Possibilities Are Everywhere


It’s Wednesday and I want to encourage you to push on with purpose despite what it looks like! Believe in yourself. The belief you have in yourself determines your expectations about you. Get to know you and understand the unique characteristics that make you who you are. God created you knowing that you would have … Continue reading Believe!

Failure is Positive, Not Negative

It is impossible to live without failing at something, unless you live so cautiously that you might as well not have lived at all, in which case you have failed by default.” — J.K. Rowling If you have ever experienced failure, you know that it doesn’t feel good. It knocks your confidence, and can significantly … Continue reading Failure is Positive, Not Negative

Turn Your “I Can’t into I Can”

Have you heard the words innovation, groundbreaking, progressive? These words have become part of the marketplace vocabulary and are what every modern business wants to be. They have become the words that define your relevance or the relevance of your business. Being able to assign these attributes to yourself or your business causes you to … Continue reading Turn Your “I Can’t into I Can”

The Time is Now

Tick Tock Tick Tock - the clock don't stop. As humorous as the beginning of this blog may be, please know that the above mentioned statement is the absolute truth. The clock hasn't stopped, and time is of the essence. There is a door of opportunity for you to make "that" move right now and your … Continue reading The Time is Now