Quick re-cap from my most recent road trip

Hey Friends! I am having the time of my life sharing our family story with the world. It is so important that we let others know that they are not alone nor should they feel isolated along this life's journey. I encourage you to stay connected as there will be so much more to share … Continue reading Quick re-cap from my most recent road trip

What Makes A Winner

From Olympic Gold medalist to multi-billionaires, all winners have three characteristics that are critical to their success. If you want advancement and achievement in your life, it will not happen without them. I like to call them the three P’s: Passion, Perseverance and Practice. Passion is the driving force of any successful person. Your passion is … Continue reading What Makes A Winner

Goals Are Like Seeds

It’s great to have goals and dreams, but what are you doing with them? Just having a goal does not mean that it will be accomplished. Goals need to be cared for and tended to in order for them to grow into full bloom dreams. Nothing will come of your goals except they first be … Continue reading Goals Are Like Seeds

Turn Your “I Can’t into I Can”

Have you heard the words innovation, groundbreaking, progressive? These words have become part of the marketplace vocabulary and are what every modern business wants to be. They have become the words that define your relevance or the relevance of your business. Being able to assign these attributes to yourself or your business causes you to … Continue reading Turn Your “I Can’t into I Can”

Education vs Favor

It’s Monday!  I want to motivate you today by reminding you of a special advantage you have as a child of God, and that is FAVOR. Don’t get me wrong, getting an education is vitally important in today’s society. It is important to refine and enhance your skill and be the best you can be … Continue reading Education vs Favor