5K Donation In 2019

This year looking for sponsors to help us donate 5K (Five Thousand dollars) to St. Jude when I participate in the 5K run this September.

We participated last year and had a blast, this year will only be better. We even have a team ready to run with us.

All proceeds from the book sales will be used towards reaching our goal.

This is a great resource that so many people need to assist them with navigating through the emotional side of any type of diagnosis. So if not for you, grab a few for friends.

Click on the link and purchase your copy today. We will even deliver it to the charity/person of your choice, just provide the address.

Thank you in advance for your support!

Daily Habits of Successful People

By now we have realized that being successful is not just about being lucky or having extremely high intelligence. We all have the potential to be successful and to achieve our goals. But, there are definitely some common characteristics that successful people have developed and put into practice daily. What may surprise you is that many of these routines have more to do with physical and emotional well-being than business. One of the major keys to successful living is avoiding burn-out. If you are burnt out, you will have nothing left to give to your business, your families or your ministry.

Exercise in the morning. It doesn’t have to be a full-blown work out! Walking or any form of light exercise will get the blood flowing and allow the circulation to prepare your body and mind for the day ahead.

Eat a healthy breakfast. Give your body and mind the fuel and stimulants that it needs to get you started on the road of productivity. A healthy breakfast will sustain your energy levels and help to avoid the fatigue crash caused by sugary and caffeine rich breakfasts. Have fun experimenting with cereal, fruits and juices and eat your way to productiveness.

Get up before the family. Having time to yourself before the day begins gives you the space to process your thoughts and feelings and deal with any negativity. You are then free to start your day with a burst of positive energy.

Wind down after work. Find a routine that works for you that will allow you to disengage from work. This may include making your to do list for the next day, writing in a journal, turning off your electronic devices or reading a book. Whatever you choose to do, give your mind a break and a time to rest and replenish from the stresses of the day.

Feel free to leave your questions and comments below.

You Run Your Business, Don’t Let Your Business Run You

Running your own business can be a daunting experience. Most peoples idea of self-employment centers around thoughts of setting your own hours, taking days off when you want and not having to answer to anyone because you are your own boss. Most peoples reality of self-employment is actually, long hours, rare days off and the pressure that comes with being your own boss.

Business discipline is important because it creates consistent results. Being an entrepreneur does not mean freedom from responsibility. Have established work hours. Set up systems for the things that have to be done repeatedly on a regular bases so that you are not starting from scratch every time you perform that task. Understand your weaknesses and be prepared to delegate when necessary. Create a budget and stick to it as closely as possible.

How you spend your time is key to running your business and not letting the business run you. You are responsible for the business you have created and it is easy to become consumed with all the different aspects that are involved. Being distracted by another task without completing the one you’re on can be a huge problem. When you are running your own business there is no one to push you to make sure you are completing tasks on time. Create a routine, organize your space and prioritize your goals at the beginning of the day.

Having a balanced life while running your own business can be difficult but is not impossible and organization is the key. Set boundaries around your work life and stick to your schedule. Commit to socializing and spending quality time with friends and family. Have realistic expectations, balance will not always mean that you have equal time for business and personal life. Sometimes the business will need most of your attention, and at other times you will have more free time on your hands. The balance comes in making sure you make appropriate decisions that will maintain your business as well as your health and well-being.

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Happy New Year Everyone!

I am so excited about all that God has in-store for you in 2016!

2016 has been declared our year of VICTORY and we are more than ready to have victory in every area of our lives.

One thing that I have been so excited about at VIBE Church (Victory in the Believers Experience) is that we have all successfully developed a healthy church culture which consistently lives out our motto “We are making a difference and we love it!”. The Lord has allowed our motto to become a reality for us in a huge way in a very short time. As we continue to make a difference, the opportunity has come for us to do it on a much larger scale.

It is my awesome privilege to announce that January 3, 2016 the VIBE Church will be merging into World Overcomers Christian Church -Raleigh Campus! We are more than excited about taking our Gifts, Talents and Treasures to make an even greater impact in the Kingdom with other like-minded believers.

My sincerest hopes are that you would join with us as we jump in at our NEW CHURCH HOME, World Overcomers Christian Church- Raleigh Campus. Lets continue making a difference while experiencing VICTORY in 2016!

Here is a link to the website. Take a look around so that you will know what to expect when you arrive in the morning.  www.wocconline.org

See you tomorrow!


Life Questions?? Part 3

man with question mark painted on a wall

Hey guys, I hope you have been enjoying my Life Questions series. Hopefully you have been challenged to ask yourself those important questions that at times can shake your soul.

I have another question for you, Who told you it was impossible? As a community leader I often times hear very sad stories of people who had a dream to be this or that, but was told as a young child you can’t do that. Or even they feel they are too young to accomplish that dream. No matter how you received the futuristic damning news, I just want you know – IT’S NOT ACCURATE!!!! It’s simply not the truth at all, well let me take that back. It IS accurate and true if you believe it is. Yes, you heard me correctly, you empower your own future by where you put the energy of your belief.

Yes so the question, Who told you it was impossible? You did. When people tell you things that are opposite from what you believe, and you receive it, then you are the one that told you it was impossible. We have to learn how to take responsible for our lives. Being that we can’t control what people say to us, we have to be diligent in controlling what we let in our lives.

I want to challenge you as we are crossing over to the next year, never let anyone determine  your wealth, health and future. When people say negative things to you, don’t let their words in. Set your future and harshly go after it.



 I Just wanted to have a quick and candid Saturday conversation with you about how being so “consumed” can really mess with your goals. 
I remember in November/December of 2014, I had set some personal goals to have accomplished by close of 2015. As a read over my list of goals, I realized that I had only accomplished one and that was not even to its fullest potential. I remember saying that I would weigh about 180 pounds, I would complete my property manager certification, complete at least two of the books that I had already written for print and publishing, enroll in the Masters in Divinity program again (2nd time) and upgrade all of my private family stuff. 
Well, you might say “at least you are still here” and to that I must agree and say “only by the grace of God”. 
As I reflect and prepare for my 2015 end of year consecration, my prayer is now “Lord, help me not to be consumed again!.” 

I had gotten so consumed with my workplace advancement (1goal) and advancement in the marketplace, that I completely neglected to keep pursuing those other goals that would have secured and solidified me on another level. 
While this has been an amazing year, it has also been an eye opening year. 
Let’s see…… I began the year with a very interesting workplace dynamic which included extremely long days and multi tasking upper management task in their absence for a couple of months, had the flu and pneumonia for the first time ever, then was injured after the recovery from the flu, completed the property manager course and then was full of heavy medication the day of the exam due to injury (so you know how that ended up), had the challenge of learning how to live on disability pay for 3 months, suffered major family loss during the summer only to return to work to be laid off within 60 days. 
The problem is not the events, that’s just life happening. The problem was that the thing that consumed me the most actually got rid of me when there was no longer a need or use. I was so busy with one goal that I totally neglected the others. 
As you come to a close of 2015, take a look at your journal or personal notes from January 2015 and compare them to your now. If you have accomplished all of them, then challenge yourself more for 2016. If you are like me and have not, then map it out! Be more intentional about everything and not just one thing.
It’s okay to pursue goals, but please don’t allow just one to consume you so much that you neglect all the others! 
Both of us will have an amazing and goal accomplishing 2016 because we are vowing today not to be consumed by any one thing! 

Join the conversation and leave me a note or comment. Talk soon. Have a great weekend my friend! 

The Health Benefits Of Having A Thankful Outlook


What is today? “Hump Day” We are almost to the weekend! I pray that you have been enjoying the blog post so far. Check out my third installment on why we should be thankFULL.

3) The Health Benefits Of Having A Thankful Outlook

What would happen if you stretched out your tradition of thanksgiving beyond the holiday season? Studies show that you would be rewarded with better health! Research shows that the positive emotion of thanksgiving promotes a healthy mind, body and spirit, in the following ways:

Bolsters self-esteem and self-worth; boosts the immune system; maintains a healthy heart by reducing stress and high blood pressure; cope better with stress and daily challenges; feel happier and more optimistic; have improved mental alertness; diminishes negative feelings; better sleep