Open Mindedness

It is important to have an open-mind. To be open-minded means: to be willing to consider new ideas; unprejudiced. Without having an open mind, you won’t be unable to understand the perspectives of others who have differing opinions. Because of this, many people find it difficult to challenge the beliefs and behaviors that they have … Continue reading Open Mindedness

A Good Life Needs Good Friends

Where do you place your friends on your list of priorities? Most of us don’t put as much planning and thought into our friendships as we do other parts of our lives, until something happens to make us question them. Part of living a good life is having good personal relationships. Our friends deserve our … Continue reading A Good Life Needs Good Friends

You Need to Be real, Not Perfect

It is more important to be real with and about yourself, than to try to be perfect. The biggest revelation that any individual can have about themselves is that they are not perfect and that is perfectly alright. If you are on a path that leads you to your purpose, you will discover your greatness, … Continue reading You Need to Be real, Not Perfect


Using reflective practices is important for you to do in every area of your life. You will better understand yourself and how you work through personal and professional reflection. It happens when you begin to ask yourself questions that identify and evaluate your own performance in particular situations. Self-reflection can be difficult when you first … Continue reading Reflection

To Commit or Not To Commit?

Hey, it’s Monday! Another week of possibilities is ahead of you. What things have you committed yourself to for the coming week? Here are some tips on sticking to your commitments no matter how big or small. Be clear on the terms of your commitment. It’s a good idea to recognize exactly what you are … Continue reading To Commit or Not To Commit?