His Time

This is a simple reminder to spend time with your Creator. God knows you, He knew you in your mother’s womb. After all, you were created for His good pleasure, with a unique purpose in mind.

Make sure you are staying connected to Him. He has the answers to your problems and He is waiting to fulfill your heart’s desires. You just have to make sure you don’t forsake the precious time with Him that you so desperately need.

In a loud, busy world make sure you make “His time” with you a priority. It will bless your life.

The Faith Door

This week was a tough one for the Nation, but I know that it has also been tough for some of you personally. I want to encourage you today with some good news:

You are a child of faith and your faith has a door. The faith door is the pathway between what you lack and what you need! Your faith door is the connector that takes you from the pain of yesterday into the promises of tomorrow! The key to accessing the faith door is to not let anything or anyone block it.

The biggest obstacle to your faith door is fear. Fear shows up and it looks big and threatening in the shadows. It looks like it has power and it looks like it may actually be able to rob you of your promise, your peace or your possessions but the devil is a liar!

Fear cannot go anywhere near your faith door unless you give it permission. I pray you don’t do it. Send fear back to the pit of Hades from which it came. Your faith will work for you. As a matter of fact, it has worked already. You are only waiting for the manifestation of that in which you have petitioned God for because the word said that the effectual, fervent prayers of the righteous man (or woman) avail much! So all you need to do is head toward the door. God is getting ready to blow your mind! Watch Him move on your behalf, and when He does make sure you let me know because I want to rejoice with you!

Have a blessed weekend and go ahead and rest in Him!

Our First Language

Our Nation is definitely in turmoil. Many cities around the United States are dealing with issues of anger that many people did not realize existed in the severity in which they have been expressed in the last few days.

However, as children of God, it is more important than ever for us to truly “become like the little children” referenced in the bible. When you see children playing together who have not been contaminated by prejudices in their families all you see is love. I believe love is our native language.

We cannot control the actions of others, but we can make sure that we are actively communicating in our native language. I want to encourage you to smile a little brighter, be a little more patient with others this week and continually let your light shine so someone may be impacted by the love radiating from you.

We all truly need it, and the world needs to see it. We have to be determined to love better than anyone else, and because we have Christ indwelling in us, we are completely capable of doing it.

Let’s continue to keep our Nation in our hearts and prayers.

Never Stop Learning

I love people. I work-full time, I am a pastor and I also run a non-profit; so without a shadow of a doubt, I can say I am in the people business. Yet, if I am honest, there is one group of people I sometimes have a bit of difficulty with…the know-it-all.

I am not sure if you have ever been around someone who always says that they know the answer, even when you are pretty sure they don’t. Well, if you know anyone like that you know that those people can be challenging to be around.

One of the reasons this is so difficult for me is because  I am an advocate for continuing education. We live in an ever-changing world, so there is always something new to learn.

I want to encourage you to never stop learning. Whether you watch You Tube tutorials, sign up for a class at a community center, read a new book, enroll in a certification or return to school to get a degree…never stop learning!

Watch God Move

I am not sure what you are facing today. I just wanted to let you know that once you have prayed and submitted your rest to God you can go ahead and ready to watch Him move on your behalf!

Sometimes it takes God longer than we want for Him to move.

Sometimes He doesn’t move the way we were expecting at all, but that is okay.

Your Father knows best. He has a way of moving in a way that shuts the mouth of every enemy, backs up every naysayer and answers the very desires of your heart. So I know some of you have been waiting a while. I know that others of you are facing long odds in a situation, that may not even be your fault.  Just know that He hears your cries and He will never leave you or forsake you! Get ready to watch Him do a new thing in your life. He is not finished with you or situation yet, just watch…He’s going to do something that will absolutely blow your mind.


Rest in Him

I love watching babies fall asleep in the parents’ arms. It is such a powerful reminder to me that I have a heavenly Father that I can depend on as completely as a newborn baby relies on his or her parents for every single need.

We live in a world that it is constant motion. Sometimes it can become very easy to get into a cycle of sleeping but not truly able to achieve rest. When our bodies get in our beds and try to initiate the important regiment of sleep but are unable to achieve it, serious consequences can occur.

One or two sleepless or restless nights at first may not seem like a big deal, but over time the effects become more severe:

• lack of alertness
• impaired memory
• relationship stress
• reduced quality of life
• increased risk for traffic accidents/fatalities
• serious health issues
• obesity
• loss of Libido
• premature aging
• depression

Well, as concerned as we are for America’s 70 million individuals who suffer from sleep disorders (according to Sleep Med of Santa Barbara).

One of the reasons that so many people suffer is because they refuse to cast their cares on Jesus. Jesus died for sins, our past and our future. We must become more efficient at laying every concern at His feet.

God will never leave you or forsake you, you can go ahead and rest in that. He has carried the weight of the world on His shoulders since creation, so just know He can carry the weight of your life and issues as well. Go ahead, rest in Him.

The Dirt Necessity

As we prepare to go into the weekend, I just want to give you a quick word of encouragement. As I was admiring some plants the other day, I had a revelation. God could have chosen any method He desired to grow plants and flowers; however, He cultivated a process that required a seed to be placed in the dirt in order to grow.

Now, I know that there are many other factors needed to grow plants but stay with me a minute. I know gardeners who plant using gloves and ones who use their hands, but both require them coming into contact with dirt.

If you ever find yourself deep in a situation that is messy and dirty, don’t worry. The dirt is a necessary part of your growth process. God is trying to take little “seed” you and produce “plant” or “flower” you. Something that is magnificent and amazing. The only thing is you can’t go from seed to plant. You must get planted in the dirt first. The dirty, dark place is often a key ingredient for our next place of greatness, so hang in there. The rains will fall, the sun with shine and before you know it you will have blossomed into something incredible, something beyond anything you can ask, think or imagine. Just remember the dirt is a necessary part of the process.

Enjoy your weekend and rest in God’s promises and His process!