5K Donation In 2019

This year looking for sponsors to help us donate 5K (Five Thousand dollars) to St. Jude when I participate in the 5K run this September.

We participated last year and had a blast, this year will only be better. We even have a team ready to run with us.

All proceeds from the book sales will be used towards reaching our goal.

This is a great resource that so many people need to assist them with navigating through the emotional side of any type of diagnosis. So if not for you, grab a few for friends.

Click on the link and purchase your copy today. We will even deliver it to the charity/person of your choice, just provide the address.

Thank you in advance for your support!

Your Biggest Testimony


We are called by God to affect and effect the world. It is a very tedious task, as we are imperfect, immature, and downright selfish as it relates to our wants and desires. On our jobs, in our communities, and in our local churches we are suppose to live lives that make the world a better place. We are the light of the world, we carry the answers to all of the world’s questions in us. What a heck of a task right??? Well that isn’t all, there is a missing piece to this puzzle. THE HOME. I have seen the save the world, loose the home parenting a many times in my life. Excellent leaders! Always available for everyone in their problems, never missing a beat and always in que waiting to solve the next problem. Admired by most, these super leaders are, until you meet the family. You quickly realize after a moments glance that the super person for the world, has failed their own home.

What a travesty! To be a public success and a private failure. We can’t ever get so busy fulfilling our life calls, that we forget our first and true calling to save our homes. You can live in the best neighborhood, stay in the best home, drive the best car, but if you don’t invest in your home with time, care and concern you will have the worse type of family.

Have you ever admired a person and imagined how healthy and whole their life is then you meet their kids or their wife and you are like huh???

Here is a truth: One of your greatest testimonies to the world is the strength of your home! If you are reading this today, I want to challenge you to take another look at your home, is it speaking for you or against you?