Be a Self-Starter

Whether your goals are personal goals or career goals, it is essential that you are a self-starter. Taking the initiative in all aspects of your life will attract opportunities to you. Part of being a self-starter is to be willing to operate outside of your comfort zone. If you truly desire to reach a new … Continue reading Be a Self-Starter

Healthful Living 101: Self-discipline

A healthy life is a disciplined life. Self-discipline is the ability to control your feelings and overcome your weaknesses; the ability to pursue what you think is right despite temptations to abandon it. Discipline is important because it brings stability and structure to your life, by forcing you to make certain beneficial decisions. Discipline limits … Continue reading Healthful Living 101: Self-discipline

Turning Thought into Matter

Life is energy. Your thoughts contain energy. This energy that is in us and surrounds us can be shaped and manifested at will. You are what you think. And so by consistently thinking certain thoughts you can change yourself and your environment. We all have certain dreams and goals that we want to achieve. Whether … Continue reading Turning Thought into Matter

Listening VS. Hearing

Yes, there is a major difference between listening and hearing. Usually, when someone is speaking, we can hear what they are saying, but are we truly listening? Everyone with fully operational ears has the ability to hear, but it requires both the ear and the brain to listen. According to the oxford dictionary hearing is: … Continue reading Listening VS. Hearing

Failure Means Growth

We often hear the phrase "learn from your mistakes", but have you ever taken the time to truly understand what this phrase represents? Mistakes and failures represent growth. Life presents us with plenty of opportunities, however, all of them will not be a success: failure is inevitable but it is not definitive. Don't allow failure … Continue reading Failure Means Growth