It’s Monday! For many it is the start of the work week. Let’s approach this week believing that something great is about to happen! What are today’s challenges saying to you, Impossible or I’m possible? The way we view a challenge can lead to us taking a limiting or encouraging approach. Science and technology would not have made the huge advances that it has if these ground-breaking individuals believed in impossibility. Impossible is only impossible until someone finds a way to make it possible. So instead of declaring that something is impossible let’s say that it is possible, I just need to find out how.

The initial battle for success takes place in the mind. Our mind set dictates how we think, feel and approach challenges. If you change the way you think about something, you can change the outcome. What seems like an impossible task can probably be achieved with the right resources. If you open your mind to all possibilities you will find a way to make it possible. When you limit your expectations, you immediately limit your results.

You have been called to touch the lives of others and whatever your plans and goals are, this is a huge undertaking. Whenever your task is looking impossible remember that with God, all things are possible! Fill your mind with thoughts of positivity, enthusiasm, and determination. God has not put limits on what you can achieve and neither should you.

Look Forward To the New Year!

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As the New Year quickly approaches, remember to look ahead and not back. The new year comes with new challenges, and new opportunities. It is a chance to build and grow and put into practice all of the lessons 2016 has taught. Be optimistic, be positive, and ready to embrace all that the New Year has for you. Remember that all change begins from within, so the only thing that can hinder your advancement is you. You are well able to accomplish your goals and dreams and live a purpose driven life. 2017 is yours for the taking, let your passion allow you to possess what’s yours.

Let Go or Hold On?

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We have all been there, trying to make the decision to hold on and keep pressing through, or to let go, learn the lessons and try something new. How do we know that, if we would just hold on for a couple more days, that big break won’t come along? How do we know if we are wasting our time, money or energy, and should cut our losses and run? The truth is, if we are asking ourselves this question, then there probably isn’t a clear cut answer.

Trust your instincts. Take time to really concentrate on what you want. Let go of what others have said you should do, and what you think you should do. Let the Holy Spirit guide you through your fears and self-doubt so that you can come to a decision.

Remember the purpose. Always be mindful of the reason why you started the process in the first place. Is the path you are on still aligned with the purpose? If it is, it well be growing and shaping into what you envisioned, progress may be slow, but it will be evident.

Be honest with yourself and where you are going. There is no shame in starting over or starting again, just as there is no shame in holding on until all possibilities have been exhausted. What matters is that you remain well during the process, that you remain connected to God, and that you maintain faith in your purpose.

Realistic Goal Setting

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It’s that time of year when we are paying attention to the coming new year and the future. Goals and new year resolutions are being set all over the world. We all have specific things that we want to achieve in life. Goals can be anything from how much money you want to earn, to what places you want to visit. Goals are important because they come from our desires, and our success and happiness often depend on achieving them. Therefore, we should all set out to establish attainable goals and work diligently to accomplish them. There are certain questions you should consider when you set your next goals…

Is this possible? Before working towards a goal, you should make sure that you can realistically achieve it. If you set your goals too high, you risk being very disappointed when you figure you can’t complete the goal. It is better to set continuous short-term achievable goals, in an effort towards achieving a long-term goal.

How long will it take to achieve? The length of time it will take to achieve a goal is worth being considered. Make sure you set a realistic time period to accomplish the goal. Once you decide on it regularly check your calendar to make sure that you are on target.

How will I go about funding or achieving this goal? Always figure out the best route to completing a goal before deciding upon it. Money is often necessary to achieve a goal, so make sure you have a plan in place to acquire the funds needed.  When the path to a goal is well planed out it is much easier to achieve.

An Overnight Success Does Not Happen Overnight

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In this age of internet stars, and instant fame through social media, everything seems like instant success. It has trained our minds to believe that we can do what we desire without putting in the time. If we don’t see the success that we want within a couple of months we give up, thinking that this isn’t for us.

What we call an ‘overnight success’ is really a result of the blood, sweat and tears that went on behind the scenes possibly for years previously. Becoming an ‘overnight success’ will take lots of:

TIME. We have to get back the desire to work for what we want, and be willing to work at it for as long as it takes. There are no short-cuts to success. The key is to be prepared, so that when an opportunity arises we can quickly act on it. A common characteristic of an overnight success is that they will put in the time that others are unwilling to.

PERSISTENCE. There will be good days and bad days, failures and success, but an overnight success will keep on pushing. Hearing a ‘no’ does not mean give up, it means regroup.

FOCUS. It has become so easy to jump from goal to goal, opportunity to opportunity without accomplishing much. An overnight success understands the value of consistency and seeing things through to obtain the desired result. Your focus is what will keep you grounded and connected to purpose despite the circumstances.


Make The Thanksgiving Feeling Last

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Do you remember that overwhelming feeling of thankfulness that you had when you woke up on Thanksgiving morning? Well it’s possible to have that feeling every day.

Let your gratitude continue to be a part of your daily life. In between the day to day struggles of life, designate moments and time periods for appreciating yourself and others just like you do during the holiday season. When your focus is on the good you already possess in your life instead of what you do not have, there will be an immediate release of pressure, and your goals will take on a new perspective. Share your appreciation with others and be a source of encouragement to them.

Gratitude can turn any common day into Thanksgiving!