Productivity VS Being Busy

Have you ever been completely overwhelmed by the length of your to do list? Sometimes it feels like we are working and working, going and going, but have little to show for it. This is a definite sign that you need to take time to reflect, reorganize and prioritize. Having a lot to do and … Continue reading Productivity VS Being Busy

You Run Your Business, Don’t Let Your Business Run You

Running your own business can be a daunting experience. Most peoples idea of self-employment centers around thoughts of setting your own hours, taking days off when you want and not having to answer to anyone because you are your own boss. Most peoples reality of self-employment is actually, long hours, rare days off and the … Continue reading You Run Your Business, Don’t Let Your Business Run You

Your Biggest Testimony

We are called by God to affect and effect the world. It is a very tedious task, as we are imperfect, immature, and downright selfish as it relates to our wants and desires. On our jobs, in our communities, and in our local churches we are suppose to live lives that make the world a … Continue reading Your Biggest Testimony