A Good Life Needs Good Friends

Where do you place your friends on your list of priorities? Most of us don’t put as much planning and thought into our friendships as we do other parts of our lives, until something happens to make us question them. Part of living a good life is having good personal relationships. Our friends deserve our … Continue reading A Good Life Needs Good Friends


Have you ever heard the saying ‘two heads are better than one’? There are many scriptures in the bible that speak about teamwork: two are better than one Ecl 4:9-12, iron sharpens iron Pro 24:17, are just a couple of the most well-known. Many successful people have been able to achieve their goals because of … Continue reading Collaboration

Take Care of your Relationships

Who supports us when we struggle? Who comes to our aid when we’re in trouble? Who truly loves us? Who encourages, motivates and challenges us? Most of us would respond to these questions with “our family and friends.” We all can agree that the people who we are in relationship with fulfill these needs. Yet … Continue reading Take Care of your Relationships

Building Relationships in the Workplace

Hey everyone! It’s Monday and we are beginning another work week! How do you feel about going in to work today? Are you excited about the possibilities open to you, or are you dreading walking through those doors? How ever you feel, this blog is to help you enjoy your work environment just a bit … Continue reading Building Relationships in the Workplace