Be Thankful For You

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It’s the holiday season! While you are taking time to express your gratitude for everyone and everything in and around your life, don’t overlook yourself. Typically, we use this time of the year to do for others and that is a great gesture, but before you get consumed by the busy-ness of the season give yourself a break.

When you give God thanks for life and breath in this season, make sure you mean it. Take a few moments to breath and be thankful for where you are right now in your life. We tend to always give thanks for where we have come from or what we have been through because those experiences have caused us to grow. We always give thanks for where we are going, thankful for the purpose of God for our lives and knowing that we are striving to fulfill that purpose. But we do not live in the past or the future, and God is all about our now experience. Don’t overlook, downgrade, or downplay who you are and where you are right now. Without a true, heartfelt, conscious, appreciation for you, you deprive yourself of the true unconditional love God has for you.

A Good Life Needs Good Friends

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Where do you place your friends on your list of priorities? Most of us don’t put as much planning and thought into our friendships as we do other parts of our lives, until something happens to make us question them. Part of living a good life is having good personal relationships. Our friends deserve our commitment and attention and should hold a special place in our lives.

In this season of thanksgiving, take time to show your appreciation for friends that take a genuine interest in your life; are givers and not just takers; are loyal; are positive; appreciate you for who you are; and are open, honest, and real. Good friends are hard to come by. They know you and still like you! Take time to develop your friendships. Life is a lot more enjoyable when you can share it with your friends.

Life Questions?? Part 1


I had a very interesting conversation with someone today who was apparently frazzled as their planned scheduled had been ripped from them by some unexpected events. They were very involved in the conversation as normal and if I hadn’t been paying attention I would have assumed they were alright. Instead, I kept feeling this nag at me that wouldn’t let me go, so I mentioned to them how I felt and they begin to divulge how they are a little unraveled and they have the bad habit of taking care of other people and not taking care of themselves.

I wanted to ask you the LIFE QUESTIONS that I asked her and that was, “Who told you it was ok to not take care of you?” “What happened in your life that made you settle for taking care of everyone else and dismissing yourself?”

I could tell those questions stung her to her core as she was faced with answering something she probably never ever has been asked or forced to think about asking before. Now you all must understand my heart for the platform that I speak into your lives with everyday. It’s all about empowering you, if i’m not doing that I might as well point my energy towards something else. With that being said, I need to tell you that taking care of other people to the point where you are bankrupt is one of the most disempowering things you can do to yourself. You hurt you and others around you when you fail to rejuvenate. When you fail to heal. When you fail to be weak. <—— Did you just read that last sentence? See you’ll never know strength until you’ve embraced and slept with weakness. Some of you are so busy trying to be super that you start to believe that you really are. When you slip into that type of psychosis, you fail to live life. You miss opportunities for love, to seize moments, to stop and take in the goodness that life has to offer.

Do you have it? I think you got it! I’m looking forward to sharing more with you this week concerning Life Questions, as we lead up into the American Holiday, Thanksgiving.


Staying Positive


It has been a wonderful journey this week. I hope you have enjoyed these points as much as I have! Read below to discover how to stay positive.

5) Staying Positive

We don’t always get what we want, but there are others who will never have what we have right now. Being thankful dispels negative emotions and leaves no place for complaining. Literally counting your blessings one by one will leave you in a positive, appreciative disposition finding joy in even the smallest things in life. Acknowledge everything you receive and take nothing for granted.

Having more possessions does not mean that you have more to be thankful for. I hope this blog encourages you to practice turning your thoughts of thankfulness, even for the smallest things, into the action of gratitude by expressing to God and man your love and appreciation.

The Health Benefits Of Having A Thankful Outlook


What is today? “Hump Day” We are almost to the weekend! I pray that you have been enjoying the blog post so far. Check out my third installment on why we should be thankFULL.

3) The Health Benefits Of Having A Thankful Outlook

What would happen if you stretched out your tradition of thanksgiving beyond the holiday season? Studies show that you would be rewarded with better health! Research shows that the positive emotion of thanksgiving promotes a healthy mind, body and spirit, in the following ways:

Bolsters self-esteem and self-worth; boosts the immune system; maintains a healthy heart by reducing stress and high blood pressure; cope better with stress and daily challenges; feel happier and more optimistic; have improved mental alertness; diminishes negative feelings; better sleep