I need more time

Recently I promised NDCFC that I would post a blog about my deceased son Terrell Emmanuel Hinton whose birthday was June 8th. The interesting thing was that each time I began to blog, the pain seemed to feel more intense almost bringing me back to the very moment of his death. It was at this … Continue reading I need more time

I don’t know!

There are 3 simple words that can really frustrate many of us. They are "I don't know". As a child this answer was unacceptable in our house. If I said "I don't know" , my mom would say "then find out". Recently in a bible study at New Day CFC we discussed 5 possible reasons … Continue reading I don’t know!


There are so many things demanding our attention these days that it can be very difficult to remain focused on the main thing. Over the last couple of weeks during our “RESET” teaching, I asked God to bring our church back to the main thing. Today I want to challenge you to ask God to … Continue reading RESET