Darkness is Temporary

Happy Friday! We made it to another week and I want to encourage you that no matter what you have faced this week, that darkness is only temporary. No matter how black your nights may have been, the sun always shows up and penetrates the night the next morning.

When night comes, and afflictions are many sometimes you may have to remind yourself, “Morning is coming.” You can go ahead and rest in your Father in Heaven because although weeping endures for a night, the joy will surely abound in the morning.

No matter what you face. Just remember, the darkness is temporary, it has an expiration sticker just like the challenges you face!


Recovery Takes Time

Do not be discouraged if you are facing a challenge that is lasting longer than you expected. As I mentioned in a previous post, I am recovering from an unexpected illness. Now, I am a pastor. I am a man of God. I have been to hospital rooms for decades praying over people and speaking works of faith, but what I had never experienced was being on the other side of the prayer and the words of comfort until now.

It can be tough because your faith is telling you to hold on and be encouraged while your body is telling you to be mad, sad and disappear into despair. The only way to combat the latter is just to accept the hard truth that recovery takes time. It may not come as quickly as you or I might like, but it is coming. In the meantime, we have to renew our faith daily and continue to rest in the promises of His healing and restoration. So I will be adding my faith to yours this week, and I ask that you do the same for me. God’s got us!

Go Ahead and Get Up!

Have you recently faced a health crisis, financial difficulty, job loss, or relationship disaster that has left you not wanting to get out of bed?

If you have I definitely understand. Currently, I am on the road to recovery from a sickness I didn’t see coming! It’s tough. Especially, when you are serving God, helping people and doing everything you know to live right and do your best. If you are not careful you sink into depression and despair. Well, I want to encourage you not to let that happen. Don’t call in sick, don’t start smoking a pack of cigarettes a day, don’t think that your answer can be found in the bottle contained in brown, paper bag. Just get up and keep doing good! Get up and keep being a blessing! Get up and keep living!

The trial will pass, and in the end, you will be glad that you didn’t give in to the enemy trying to convince you to give up!

Your Written History

I want to encourage you to journal your journey. It is important to be able to go back and see all of the obstacles you overcome. Sometimes it is for you, often it is for someone else. There is a power in being to say, someone:

“In 2016, I thought I was going to lose my mind, but two months later I received a call that changed everything…”

Having that written account of what happened to you and when it happened is a way to track your testimonies and maybe even use them to pen a book someday! There is someone who will not survive what you have been through. So get started today, whether you get 99 cents notebook from the store, start a Note on your phone, use a tablet or a computer…just start! You could change someone else’s life forever!

On the Other Side

Sometimes the future can be scary and uncertain, but one thing is sure, you will never get to get if you let fear keep you in the past. I don’t know if you know anyone who is scared of escalators, but I do. Often it takes them longer to get on the escalator than the actual time they spend riding it.

Life can be like that. We can spend so much time contemplating the next step, that had we just got started, we would already be beyond that step.

Don’t get me wrong. It can be tough. I know everytime I am watching a movie and someone has to cross a bridge over a pit of lava or a massive riverbed, I sit there and cringe as they begin to walk over the bridge. I wonder if the bridge can support their weight and if they will make it across. And in the movies, it can go either way! But for us, we have a Father who will never leave us or forsake us and is with us every step of the way. So go ahead and keep walking to the other side. Trust me, it is worth it.

Leave It

Sometimes we become professional “load barriers.” We carry the load for our children, our parents, loved ones, co-workers and friends. There is nothing wrong with it, but every once in a while life will hit you so hard that you need someone to carry the load for you.

I have learned that people who carry the largest loads often have very few people that can carry a load for them in return. Well, I have good news on this early Sunday morning. You have a Father that never sleeps or slumbers, He knows every tear you cried, He knows the reason behind every trial, He was there through every temptation (the tests you passed and the ones you didn’t), and He never left you.

That same God, that knows you, and loves you anyway is standing and waiting for you to release the load. It is too heavy for you anyway. Go ahead, and release it to Him. Cast your burdens on Him. He has got you covered, you don’t have to even attempt to keep that load to yourself. Relinquish it today. Leave it with Him and get up renewed in faith that you commit every single issue in your life to Him.

Time for Rest

Welcome to the weekend! You made it.

If you are someone who is always multi-tasking and running around non-stop, I want to encourage you to rest. All of your work will be there when you get to the office on Monday.

As a manager for many years, I can let you in on a secret, you will be considerably more productive if you rest. You can’t go non-stop and remain efficient and creative. Your body needs rest, relaxation, and sleep.

If you take care of your body, it will take care of you. Go ahead, unplug, unwind and take good care of you!


What Do You See?

Often, we are reminded to “speak” life and not death and we are told to “speak to the mountain” so it can be removed. Well, I want to encourage you to “see” life and see more abundantly. I want to encourage you to see yourself living exceedingly above anything you could ask, dream or imagine.

If you never see yourself, where you want to be, it will always be hard to get to get there. If you are battling sickness, you have got to see yourself healed! If you have been struggling to find a job, I want to encourage you to claim and see yourself employed. God is not a respecter of persons, what He will do for one, He will do for another.

So I want you to continue to speak life, but I want to also encourage you to “see” life…pressed down, shaken together and running over. See your blessings overtaking you, because that is my prayer for you.

Happy Friday, make it a great end to the week!

Choose Love

Wow. It is has been a turbulent month around the globe…rumors of wars, devastation from natural disasters and attack of sports’ leagues on issues related to racism, patriotism, and division.

In regards to the issue of war, we must be in prayer for our world leaders. God is truly able to turn the hearts of the leaders, just as he did with Pharoah in the Old Testament.

In regards to all the issues of the devastation caused by the earthquake and storms, we must be determined to give support in whatever we can. This week I am particularly grieved over the state of U.S. territory of Puerto Rico and the delay of people who live there to receive the basic necessities.

Finally, amidst all of the controversy that has been sparked by our President’s statements in regards to the NBA and NFL, the NFL took a powerful this week. They chose unity over division. That is what we must be determined to do in the body of Christ. We must be determined to choose love. We must love and care about our brothers and sisters displaced by the turbulent storms and we must remember that a soft answer turns away wrath. Love will always win. It may get tougher to love in these last and evil days, but our Father commanded us to love each other. I am praying that He will give us all the grace to choose love.