The Daddy and His Son

I hope you enjoyed yesterday's conversation concerning The Daddy and His Daughter, I want to discuss a different relationship dynamic that might even be more important - The Daddy and His Son. The Father is an example to his daughter on what to look for in a man, but the father shows the son how … Continue reading The Daddy and His Son

How’s Your Fruit?

Hey Family! I hope your weekend was great. I really enjoyed our conversation on last week. Let's go ahead and delve into this week's convo! I know that we put the burden of responsibility on the pastor and the church to be "THAT" example in the earth to draw people. I today BEG TO DIFFER! … Continue reading How’s Your Fruit?

10 Reasons Why We Should Read Our Bibles

1.  We can learn about God – From a Pastor’s perspective, if people would take time to learn God for themselves, it would give the local church so much depth. Reading the bible is a perfect tool to use in your quest to learn about God. 2.   Reading the Bible shows us how to behave … Continue reading 10 Reasons Why We Should Read Our Bibles