Never EVER give up!

Life always seems to present us with innumerable challenges and problems on a daily basis. It throws left hooks when we were expecting right ones; it gives us apples when we desire oranges; it even presents us with seemingly awful surprises that we weren’t expecting, and it bloats us with unresourceful emotions that tend to tie … Continue reading Never EVER give up!

Trusting God

As in anything in life, most things are easier said than done. I believe on the onset of trusting God it's the same way. I want to put emphasis on "on the onset" because trusting God is like a muscle, the easier it is to be used. I want to talk about this today because … Continue reading Trusting God

Got Faith – Part 4

Happy Thursday! I hope that you are enjoying this week as much as I am. Yesterday we started discussing about Faith, and how it is something that you produce. If you want whole faith, then you must be a whole soul. One of the ills of the church is a “Jesus will fix it”or “the … Continue reading Got Faith – Part 4

Got Faith – Part 1

Well it’s time to start another week, and I’m extremely grateful that I have consistent faithful followers such as yourself who read my blogs daily. Two weeks ago, I discussed fasting, last week we over-veiwed prayer, and this week I want to delve into Faith. Yes Faith - the substance of things hoped for and … Continue reading Got Faith – Part 1