Love – What it Really Means


The Love of many is waxing cold. That statement comes from a very popular scripture in the bible. The more that I live the more I find out that the saying is so true. People are more cold now than I have ever seen. There is a lack of compassion for others which introduces a strong strain of judgement and condemnation. We have become a selfish generation that only thinks about themselves and no one else. With all of that being said, I’m not surprised that the bible suggest that if you really want to know who is a Christian or not, inspect the way they love each other.

Isn’t that amazing that the contrast wasn’t based on how many times you go to church in a week or the amount you put in the collection container, but the contrast between followers of Jesus Christ and others is LOVE! Love – out of all of the things! If you are not “showing” love then anything you do is in the Name of Christ is null and void. Now I put the emphasis on “showing” because love is an act. It’s more than speaking to the lonely visitor on Sunday during fellowship time, it’s a consciousness that exudes into your lifestyle. You become love and everything you do surrounds it.

How does your love meter add up? Are you erring on the side of the world or the side of Christ. Don’t let your dedication to the work of God feed you a false sense of eternal security and make you think that you have a sure ticket into heaven. If you are not BEING or BECOMING love, you are not being Christ’s example on the earth and could risk your entrance into Heaven!

Dealing with Stress


Hey guys I was recently speaking to someone who seemed very bothered so I asked him what was wrong. As he begin to rant off several things that wasn’t going as planned, I realized that his issues wasn’t the things per se, he was just stressed. So I gave him some advice that I wanted to share with you to apply to your life when you start to get overwhelmed.

  1. Check Your Perception. Know this, stress can change your perception. What you would normally consider as menial, seemingly  becomes real big after stress is introduced. Make sure that your perceptions haven’t been warped by pressure by keeping strong counsel around you. (Ecclesiastes 4:9 says Two are better than one,
    because they have a good return for their labor:) Having a team and/or support system will serve you well and keep your outlook objective.
  2. Rest. When we have a lot on our minds we tend to get little to no rest. Resting is the way the body was designed to renew itself. If you don’t rest, you can’t be your best, and that will affect your production, agility, and your overall mentality. I know you are over consumed with whatever is challenging you, but  you have to do what it takes to rest!
  3. Find your center. Just as much as we need to be clear headed to have proper rest, we need to be clear headed to properly pray. If your mind is jumping from one thought to the next, riddled with worry you will have a challenging time connecting with God who IS peace. You have to be able to create a space of peace in your life where God lives, and be able to connect to that space at any time, any place, and disconnect from this natural world and it’s worry.

Doing these three things alone will keep you when the pressures of life are trying to take you under! Leave your comments and let me know what are some other ways you like to deal with stress.

Sometimes you have to get dirty with it!


Hello family!

I hope you guys have been well over the holiday weekend.

You know a lot times as Christians we put a lot of emphasis on staying clean, and to that point we push everyone around us to be clean just like us (or just like we desire to be). First of all, let’s define the meaning of clean. When I say clean, I’m speaking of those set of spoken and unspoken rules that you better not break or you just might not make it in to heaven. You know “those” rules.

Though striving to live a clean life for Christ is commendable, it can become a two-edged sword. I have seen church people judge people and even evaluate the measure of Love that God will give an individual based on how they keep the rules or not. I have also seen individuals concentrate so  on getting or staying clean that when they make a mistake they are so guilt ridden and find it hard to grasp the Love and forgiveness of God for themselves.

We can easily start to preach and evangelize this hard to understand, legalistic gospel that leaves very little room for grey. This ideology also affects how we evangelize and who we evangelize to. We tend to shun the person that is “too far gone” The dirtier the individual the less we will embark any kind of evangelism with them.

Hear is what the bible says about ALL of us in Isaiah 64:6

All of us have become like one who is unclean, and all our righteous acts are like filthy rags; we all shrivel up like a leaf, and like the wind our sins sweep us away.

So in essence we are all in the same boat, we are all dirty. The difference is those that follow Jesus decides to take part in the Grace of God everyday that keeps our Judgement from our sins remedial and not penal.

Have you been so concerned about living an upright life before God that you have turned legalistic? Are you judging others by those same hard legalistic points of view?

If you answered yes to any of the above questions, I want to challenge you to get to know God again. His way is easy and His burden is light!

Are You Ready For a Relationship?


Happy Thursday guys! I hope that everyone has had an awesome week. So I want to know one thing??? Are you ready for a relationship?

Today’s pop culture teaches us that it’s ok to go in and out of relationships frivolously. A lot of times the temptation to have this fantasy TV relationship causes us to move too fast. I believe you shouldn’t be in a relationship until you are ready for one. So I know your next question, “What’s Ready?” Glad you asked read below.

1. Do You Know You

One of the biggest issues in relationships is people are trying to get to know each other and don’t know themselves. You haven’t found yourself, you are still in search for who you are, why you are, and if you are. When you are in this state and you start trying to match with someone it always leads to a bumpy road. If you are going to look for a potential life partner you need to come to the table saying with assurance, I KNOW WHO I AM and I KNOW WHERE I AM, and I KNOW WHERE I AM GOING. Now forgive me for what I’m about to say next in advance, (Especially to the feminist in the world) if you are a man…..and you can’t say those 3 statements…..please stay away from any relationship, but the one you should be developing with yourself. #selah

2. Have you lived?

A lot of times young people rush into long term relationships without living first. Here is some basic common cents. (yes I spelled it right) It’s cheaper to travel the world alone, than paying for two. 🙂 Ok in all seriousness, have you fulfilled any of your goals yet, when you start adding people to your life equation you run the risk of having to cut back temporarily and sometimes permanently on certain dreams and goals you may have. For example, you always wanted to go on a 30 day trip to Europe, well if you are married and have 3 kids, that isn’t as easy to pull off if you are single. If you’re not willing to make such sacrifices, do NOT progress in any relationship that can be long term.

3. Have You Made Room in Your Life?

Well have you? How’s your credit? Do you have a high debt-to-income ration? Does your parents still pay your bills and/or have control in your day to day life. Here is something I heard many years ago that still applies today, “If you are not happy with your life, what makes you think someone else will be?”

Hey, I want to hear your thoughts – be sure to comment below.

Are You Ready For Success?


Happy Monday guys – I want to share with you one of 3 of many things you are going to have to do to succeed. Many people want success, or they want the fruit of success without wanting to do the work of success. The reality is SUCCESS takes loads of WORK. Success is for the real, you can’t be fake and be successful. Below are 3 areas I want to shine light on.

1. Shed Unnecessary Weight

The first thing you need to do is do a serous life introspection. What weights are you carrying around? It’s time to restructure you life for ultimate expansion. You have to look at your life and those connected to it and see if there is anything that isn’t flexible, buoyant, or will serve as a distraction. Who or whatever you find in that category you must make the tough decision to cut immediately. If you are not willing to prune your life of what I will call “the unnecessaries” you are not ready for success.

2. Prepare For Rejection

Any person that wants to go against the grain, do it different, break the mold MUST be accustomed to rejection. People tend to reject what they are not use to, it takes them a while to gravitate to different. Until then you have to be ok with walking alone, being the odd ball, and even talked about. Rejection is apart of the scheme of success, it’s necessary and if you can’t take it, success won’t be yours.

3. Invest In Your All

As a pastor I’ve had countless conversations with people who have great aspirations until that aspiration cost them too much. This reminds me of the scripture in Luke 14, it suggest that before any man starts something he should count up the cost of what it will take to complete it. Are you willing to give your all for your dreams? Are you willing to loose to win? If not then you are not ready for success.

10 Reasons Why We Should Evangelize

Top 10 red 3d realistic paper speech bubble isolated on white

1. Very Simply – He told us to – Go therefore and make disciples of all the nations, baptizing them in the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit.Matthew 28:19

2. Jesus isn’t coming back until we evangelize the world – so c’mon folks let’s get busy! I’m not sure I want to stay around here any longer than I have to.

3. Don’t you want others to share the same experience you have – the best evangelism isn’t a 12 step process that ends in Confessing the Lord Jesus Christ. It’s sharing your personal experience and how Jesus has changed your life. Being authentic is way more effective than being super skilled in evangelism.

4. Accountability – if you are a serial evangelizer (which we all should be) than you are going to have to live what you witness or you risk the chance of staining the name of Jesus Christ. It takes one impression, negative or positive, to change the way a person thinks of Christ forever.

5. God Loves everybody equally the same.

6. The enemy seeks to steal, kill and destroy – if you know someone that doesn’t have Christ in their lives they are pawns for the devil. Your witness alone can save someone from the grips of the evil one.

7. Read #2 – I’m ready to go home!!!!

8. The solutions to the world’s problem is Jesus – Our Culture is under attack. People are looking for answers. It so happens that the God we serve has answered all the questions already. We can change an entire society by making disciples!

9. To grow the church – the church at large needs to grow. From a business perspective there are strength in numbers. With strong numbers we can determine who is elected into office, which movies do well in the box office and which doesn’t, we can determine unit sales for music etc. The church needs to be a force that is recognized and respected by the industries of this world.

10.  Please refer to #2 one more time – Did you read it? Ok read it again, now let’s go win the world for Christ!!!!

10 Reasons to go to Church


1. You will have the opportunity to worship God with others fellow believers.

2. Some of life’s toughest questions are answered while the preacher is preaching. (Don’t worry I don’t know all your business, I was just inspired to say what I said)

3. The opportunity to foster relationships. (There is a community that is built within the local church that is likened unto real family.)

4. The seats are filled. (Contrary to popular belief, us pastors don’t like preaching to empty seats)

5. It’s a great place to meet your potential life partner (Now don’t get me wrong the church isn’t, but the potential of you finding someone that is compatible to your lifestyle is pretty high.)

6. It helps reinforce the values and principles you teach your kids at home.

7. It’s like a gas station (without the spiking prices) it fills you up and give you fuel for the journey.

8. It can help you develop personal leadership. (in other words we have some open volunteer positions that need to be filled 🙂  )

9. It strengthens commitment (You only have 2 days out of the weekend, and one is for church, that takes a LOT of commitment)

10. It honors God. (No caption needed)

List one of your top reasons for going to church below. I would love to hear from you!