Beware of the Holiday Blues

Hello family I hope you have been enjoying your family and friends as I have! We should all know that statically many many people suffer from depression greatly during the Holiday seasons. I want to share an article from the staff at the Mayo Clinic on how to to deal with the Holiday Blues. Be … Continue reading Beware of the Holiday Blues

Getting Ready for the Holiday – The B Word

We were taught as children not to ever ever never use the B word and guess what? I won't be using "that" word today either. The B word I will be using is BUDGET! I want to share with you three things that will take the pain out of the Holiday season! It's bad enough … Continue reading Getting Ready for the Holiday – The B Word

Getting Ready For the Holidays – Gratefulness

As we continue in our discussion about holiday preparation, there is one word we need to put special emphases on and that is gratefulness. Let's talk about how gratefulness or the lack thereof can affect your entire season. In a stuck moment, it’s hard to see positive forces when obstacles are blaring and fears are looming. This is … Continue reading Getting Ready For the Holidays – Gratefulness

Getting Ready for the Holidays

The holiday season is COMING! Are you ready?? The Holiday Season is a high time for depression. For some it's triggered like a Pavlov's dog experiment. I know it's early in the year, but I wanted to bring awareness to this topic now for those who suffer through the holidays. Let's talking about 3 things … Continue reading Getting Ready for the Holidays

Making Decisions

I sense in the upcoming year there will be a lot of decisions that have to be made. Should you move, should you stay, should you take the new job, or stay at your current one. I also feel that these decisions will be time sensitive to the advancement or regression of your destiny. It … Continue reading Making Decisions

The Secret Success

Generally speaking when one considers what it takes to be successful, you think of hard work, perseverance, much training, and a little bit of luck. There is one key that is not considered when thinking about successes’ ingredients and that is failure. FAILURE IS INEVITABLE! As a matter of fact, you will fail way more … Continue reading The Secret Success