What are you Pressing for?

Happy Monday!! This is the beginning of a work week for most of us, are you ready??? I wanted to encourage you today to keeping going no matter what. One of the more memorable scriptures in the bible is Philippians 3:14 - I press toward the mark for the prize of the high calling of God … Continue reading What are you Pressing for?

Breaking the Routine

It is Monday and by the time you read this blog chances are you have probably done one or two things that solidify your normal Monday routine. Yes your routine, that thing that reassures your normalcy - that cup of coffee, watching the local news station, morning exercise - whatever it is that you do … Continue reading Breaking the Routine

The Matters of Money – Sowing and Reaping

Happy Monday! We are going to continue our discussion on The Matters of Money. Today I want to discuss the powers of sowing and reaping. It’s only in the Kingdom that you have to loose to gain. Let’s hear what Mark has to say about the matter- Mark 10:29-31 29 And Jesus answered and said, Verily I say … Continue reading The Matters of Money – Sowing and Reaping

Well we made it to Friday - Praise God!! Today is the last installment in our 5 part series on bringing our lives in order. The last thing I want to bring to your attention is the importance of changing your physical surroundings. Did you know that sometimes to disconnect from your past, consciousness, or … Continue reading

The Think Book by Dr. Larry D. Reid says, “Who you hang around determines your ground” - your relationships are a prophecy of your future. If you want to know what direction you are headed in life look at your direct circle around you. Are you surrounded by broke, sick, mindless people? Then by principle … Continue reading

Guess what day it is? It’s hump day! Happy Wednesday to you. We are continuing our conversation on bringing our lives in to full order for maximum impact. God wants to use us and He will IF we bring our lives in divine order. Today we are talking about the management of your words. Mark … Continue reading

As I stated yesterday, we would further the discussion on bringing yourself in order by discussing management of our mind/thoughts, our words, the company we keep, and our surroundings. Today we will discuss management of our mind/thoughts. I believe outside of the tongue, our mind and the thoughts we produce is the second most untamable … Continue reading