The Power of Consistency


There are somethings that come through prayer and fasting, but there are other things that come through simple consistency. It’s a biblical law, what you sow you will reap – Don’t be weary in well doing, God is not mocked you will reap if you faint not. In other words, if you remain and stay consistent you will get what you’ve been pushing for.

Today I want to talk to you about the benefits of being consistent.

Measurement. Until you have tried something new for a period of time and in a consistent manner, you can’t decide if it works or not.  How do you measure effectiveness if what you are measuring isn’t performed consistently?

You should give something at least six months before judging it as a success or failure.

Reputation. In a society where integrity is at an all time low. Being known for your consistency is a huge point of difference between you and your contemporaries. Your business, or you as an individual will stand out as dependable and trustworthy.

Enforces Discipline. By creating a culture of consistency it enables a strong sense of discipline. This exercised discipline will innately spill over into other areas of your life. Before you know it, every area of your life will be governed by discipline.

I want to challenge you to pick something and do it for 6 months straight no breaks and then observe what fruit you got from your consistency challenge.

Make your list and check it twice


Happy Friday guys!

I hope that you have had a productive week. I want to talk to you about the importance of making a list.

All and all the idea of life is to live out a productive one and accomplishing goals and taking on challenges is a huge part of that. Now that last sentence is easier said then done as sometime our schedules can get real hectic which ultimately can derail our focus from day to day task. This is why I suggest that everyone should make a list either before they go to bed at night or before they really get started in their day in the morning. That list should comprise of things to do, people to reach, and where you have to be, the times and each to do line item categorized in it’s importance.

Here are the benefits.

  1. Keeps you focused on what’s important throughout the day so no matter what curve balls are thrown at you, you can always revert back to your list. Since you’ve categorized items in it’s importance you can opt to push certain non-essential line items to the next day so that you can focus on unexpected occurrences or other line items that maybe are taking longer to complete.
  2. It encourages self-discipline. You have to have self-discipline to write a list everyday and follow through with it’s task. One of the most important attribute employers look for in an employee is that they can be self-maintained and are a self-starter. It’s the same attribute needed to be a successful entrepreneur. By practicing consistently the act of list making and following through you sharpen a skill that will enhance your life in other areas and put you in line for promotion and/or advancement!

I want to challenge you to start list making on this coming Monday and come back and leave in the comment box how it is going!


How’s Your Fruit – Long-suffering


So long-suffering ey?

Who wants to talk about that and why in the world is this a fruit of the spirit? Yes those are my question as well 🙂

When we were coming up in Sunday School long-suffering was taught as the ability to suffer long. The webster definition is:

1. (n.) Bearing injuries or provocation for a long time; patient; not easily provoked.
2. (n.) Long patience of offence.

Long-suffering is a fruit because it is what is produced when you are able to uphold your integrity and your belief for an extended period of time without giving in to the temptation to be weak or lower you standards. As a parent or a spouse you need long-suffering. You need longevity or you’ll end up in divorce court. So long-suffering doesn’t necessarily mean that you will have to literally “suffer” long, but it means you have the ability to stand the test of life and not fold under it’s pressure. Doing that over and over consistently produces a long-suffering characteristic in you.

Long – suffering can only be established in tribulation. You do not form such a fruit in the midst of peace. It is forged in difficult painful situations, in the midst of trials and tests.

So this isn’t really a gift or characteristic to shy away from. Instead of focusing on the suffering you should focus on the Faith you need to apply to endure. By keeping the Faith you automatically will grow a long suffering characteristic!

See that wasn’t bad was it? Leave your comments below, what situations are you in where you need a good dose of long-suffering?

How’s Your Fruit – Love


This is the strongest 4 letter world in the dictionary – urban, webster or you name it.

Love –  unselfish loyal and benevolent concern for the good of another:

So do you have love? Is your love component evangelizing your co-workers, friends, family members, and those your are connected with? You know the love component that is unselfish loyal and has a benevolent concern for the good of another. Or do you leave the four walls of the church every Sunday thinking about yourself, intoxicated with SELF. A lot of us if I ask across the board is your love component strong you will unanimously say yes, but if I ask you are you unselfishly loyal and do you have a benevolent concern for the good of another what will your response be?

To be like Christ is to sacrifice yourself willingly for the greater cause of someone else. Are you willing to take on lies, and accusation for the sake of being a great example?

I’m afraid that we haven’t conquered the most important, viable fruit of them all. I would even stretch to say if you don’t love properly you probably don’t have the other fruit.

I know today’s conversation was a little rough, but remember we are a walking billboard for Jesus. Jesus is LOVE, and if we don’t have proper love we don’t have proper Jesus.

Oh Boy Do We Have a Problem – The Greatest Blessing


I hope you have enjoyed this week’s conversation – I sure have.

Here is the last point I want to discuss about the millennial generation – WE NEED THEM.

Sometimes we can get so obsessed with the mission that we miss opportunities for reform and change. We miss seasons where it isn’t necessarily time for war, but time to repair, renovate and reinvent. Though not intentional, we can easily loose our relevance as the times change, but we don’t.

It’s then that we need more than ever a fresh voice and perspective. I have seen great institutions fall miserable as they fail to grow and shift with the times. It’s the blockbuster effect. Blockbuster mocked Netflix when it first came out, because of it’s unconventional methods. Well I don’t have to tell the rest of the story, we all know how that turned out. What if Blockbuster would have been open to different? What if they would have liquidated some of their stores, and reinvented their method to cater to those who didn’t want to leave the house to watch their favorite movies.

Have you been blocking new voices because they don’t sound like yours? Has your business, organization, and/or institution been suffering and you don’t know why? Maybe it’s time for a change.

Oh Boy Do We Have a Problem – Got Community?


Hello Family!

I hope you have been enjoying this week as much I have…
I wanted to talk about our 4th installment of this weeks conversation: “O Boy Do We Have a Problem”
I have a question – Got Community?
Interesting enough the phenomenon of social media has proved one thing to us, milinniuals thrive off of community. They want to be apart of a group, a team, or a mission. There is one minor caveat I must add to that though – as long as it doesn’t threaten their individuality. One of the things that makes social media work for this generation is the community they are able to build and control. If they don’t like a particular person in their community they can kick them out (block or unfollow them). If you want to bait a milinnial offer them community. A place to belong and fit in, somewhere where they can grow and spread their wings.
Because of the lack of genuine relationships in the world, not just the millennial generation, community is key for evangelism for any generation.
I want to challenge you today, what have you created that is inviting for this generation? Are your programs geared towards satisfying that internal quota that says you HAVE to be doing something or is it a genuine well thought out and constructed organism that is a safe place for growth and development?

Oh Boy Do We Have a Problem – Meet’em where they are at!


Hey Family!

Here is the third installment of our conversation on the topic “Oh Boy Do We Have a Problem”. Let me catch you up for those of you who are just coming aboard.

We have been discussing the millennial generation and how if we don’t change our methods and approaches we’ll never reach them like we want to. What worked for us won’t work for them and we have to be ok with that. Not accepting this fact will have you trying to shove a method down someones throat while loosing the mission in the process. The mission can be summed up in one word: REACH.

OK! So are you caught up now? Take the liberty to read Monday and Tuesday’s installment.

Today I want to discuss “Meet’em where they are at”.

Do you have snapchat? Instagram aka (insta), do you periscope and have you downloaded Blab yet? If you haven’t then stop kidding yourself, you are not ready to reach this generation. Well let me change the way I’m asking this question. Have you been fishing in the desert, and snow gliding in the Sahara? Not being open to meeting this generation exactly where they are at is just as ludicrous as my questions about fishing and snow gliding.

Meeting this generation where they are is almost like a safety light for them. It creates an openness and comfortability where they can be themselves.

Have you forsaken the mission, because the method has been challenged?

Talk to your tomorrow! 🙂