What Does it Take to be Honest?

We live in a society that appreciates the person who puts on good appearances. Due to the popularity and necessity of social networks and reality TV etc. what’s real and honest can be easily traded for what is superficial. Operating under this consciousness over a period of time knowing or unknowingly creates dissociative behaviors that if not recognized, can become clinical. Going against the grain and demanding that you live in truth and tell the truth, will inadvertently set you against the masses of this culture. Below are 3 of the many things you have to have to be honest.

  1. It takes a security in who you are and what you are to be an honest person.

You have to be comfortable saying things that are opposite of the opinionated majority. If you don’t like confrontation, or you are overly concerned with other’s opinions of you, it is very likely you are not as honest as you think you are.

  1. You must be secure in the meaningful relationships in your life.

Many times people are dishonest because they are afraid that relationships will be ruined by truth. The reality is, if telling the truth can ruin a relationship, then your relationship is more than likely false. Real relationships are based on likeness and secured in truth. Let’s take a test, practice being 100% honest in all of your relationships. The results might be very telling!

  1. You must be dedicated to the truth whether it’s for you or against you.

Do you know that one person that dishes out the harsh-full truth at others expense, but require love and delicacy when they are being confronted? Yes, I do too! That person is not a person of truth. They are a hypocrite at best. To be honest, you have to be dedicated to the truth whether you are giving it or receiving it. Proverbs 21:2 states in the IES version, “Every man’s lifestyle is proper in his on view, but the Lord weighs the heart.” The first part of this proverb screams to me that we can fool ourselves into thinking we are right when we are not. If you are not a person that is open to letting loved ones offer you corrective criticism, then you are person that is blind and full of character inefficiencies. OUCH! Yes, I know that hurt, but I am just being “honest”.

Let’s try honesty on for the remainder of the year and see how it looks on you. i have a feeling it will look great!

Getting Ready for the Holidays


The holiday season is COMING! Are you ready??

The Holiday Season is a high time for depression. For some it’s triggered like a Pavlov’s dog experiment. I know it’s early in the year, but I wanted to bring awareness to this topic now for those who suffer through the holidays. Let’s talking about 3 things you can do to prevent the holiday blues from taking over you this year!

Be Honest. One of the biggest reasons why people that are depressed can’t get help is because they never voice how they feel. Even now in mid-October you should be sharing your feelings and preparing your loved ones for what’s coming. This year make a decision not to hide, suffering from depression is not your fault and noting to be ashamed of.

Mend Relationships NOW. If you have family members, co-workers, and/or friends that share a strained relationship with you and you haven’t made an effort to fix it, the time is NOW. Relationship woes are an easy and accessible trigger to induce depression. Don’t let another week go by without fixing any relationships that is out of kilter.

Be Open to Change. Changing your routine is a great way to break inner cycles as well. Be open to doing things different. Maybe plan a trip away with your immediate family at a resort or cook/bake different foods this year (plan a Mexican theme meal)

I know it’s not quite the Holiday season yet, but this is the time to be preventive so that you can enjoy this Holiday season to the fullest!!

How’s Your Fruit – Love


This is the strongest 4 letter world in the dictionary – urban, webster or you name it.

Love –  unselfish loyal and benevolent concern for the good of another:

So do you have love? Is your love component evangelizing your co-workers, friends, family members, and those your are connected with? You know the love component that is unselfish loyal and has a benevolent concern for the good of another. Or do you leave the four walls of the church every Sunday thinking about yourself, intoxicated with SELF. A lot of us if I ask across the board is your love component strong you will unanimously say yes, but if I ask you are you unselfishly loyal and do you have a benevolent concern for the good of another what will your response be?

To be like Christ is to sacrifice yourself willingly for the greater cause of someone else. Are you willing to take on lies, and accusation for the sake of being a great example?

I’m afraid that we haven’t conquered the most important, viable fruit of them all. I would even stretch to say if you don’t love properly you probably don’t have the other fruit.

I know today’s conversation was a little rough, but remember we are a walking billboard for Jesus. Jesus is LOVE, and if we don’t have proper love we don’t have proper Jesus.

Oh Boy Do We Have a Problem – Got Community?


Hello Family!

I hope you have been enjoying this week as much I have…
I wanted to talk about our 4th installment of this weeks conversation: “O Boy Do We Have a Problem”
I have a question – Got Community?
Interesting enough the phenomenon of social media has proved one thing to us, milinniuals thrive off of community. They want to be apart of a group, a team, or a mission. There is one minor caveat I must add to that though – as long as it doesn’t threaten their individuality. One of the things that makes social media work for this generation is the community they are able to build and control. If they don’t like a particular person in their community they can kick them out (block or unfollow them). If you want to bait a milinnial offer them community. A place to belong and fit in, somewhere where they can grow and spread their wings.
Because of the lack of genuine relationships in the world, not just the millennial generation, community is key for evangelism for any generation.
I want to challenge you today, what have you created that is inviting for this generation? Are your programs geared towards satisfying that internal quota that says you HAVE to be doing something or is it a genuine well thought out and constructed organism that is a safe place for growth and development?

Oh Boy Do We Have a Problem – Meet’em where they are at!


Hey Family!

Here is the third installment of our conversation on the topic “Oh Boy Do We Have a Problem”. Let me catch you up for those of you who are just coming aboard.

We have been discussing the millennial generation and how if we don’t change our methods and approaches we’ll never reach them like we want to. What worked for us won’t work for them and we have to be ok with that. Not accepting this fact will have you trying to shove a method down someones throat while loosing the mission in the process. The mission can be summed up in one word: REACH.

OK! So are you caught up now? Take the liberty to read Monday and Tuesday’s installment.

Today I want to discuss “Meet’em where they are at”.

Do you have snapchat? Instagram aka (insta), do you periscope and have you downloaded Blab yet? If you haven’t then stop kidding yourself, you are not ready to reach this generation. Well let me change the way I’m asking this question. Have you been fishing in the desert, and snow gliding in the Sahara? Not being open to meeting this generation exactly where they are at is just as ludicrous as my questions about fishing and snow gliding.

Meeting this generation where they are is almost like a safety light for them. It creates an openness and comfortability where they can be themselves.

Have you forsaken the mission, because the method has been challenged?

Talk to your tomorrow! 🙂

Oh Boy Do We Have a Problem!


I hope that the topic of this blog has drawn you in enough where I have gotten your attention properly. So you may be wondering do we really have a problem and my answer is ABSOLUTELY!

There is a generation that is bolder, more outspoken, and determined to break the mold called the millennials! The issue is this generation has no intentions on following the beaten path that our forefathers created and we held true to. Going to church twice a week, keeping the same job for 20+ years, and having 2.5 kids and a dog with a white picket fence is the last thing on this generations mind. If we are going to effectively reach this generation then we are going to have to change our methods – point, blank, period! Do not think you are going to fit this generation into the mold that worked for you, it will NOT work. They will rebel, mock you, and find a better more efficient way to do what you’ve been doing perfectly all these years.

I don’t say this often as it isn’t the advice I like to prescribe to but in this case I say this proudly, “If you can’t beat them, JOIN THEM.”

This week I will be focusing on the steps to win this generation over. Looking forward to you taking this journey with me.

The Power of Positive Affirmations


Every thought you think every word you say is an affirmation. All of our self-talk or inner dialogue is a stream of affirmations. We are continually affirming subconsciously with our words and thoughts and this flow of affirmations is creating our life experience in every moment. I want to encourage you to think POSITIVE! Retrain the way you think by disciplining your mind to stay focused on the good of your life, which in reality is the God of your life.

You become aware of your daily thoughts and words. If you are focused on navigating your thoughts towards positivity, you will less likely have those automatic negative thoughts that nag you constantly.

Daily affirmations keep you in a constant state of gratitude. It’s impossible to positively affirm your life and stay focus on the  negative of your life. As you are rehearsing all of the good things that have came, is coming, or will come, you will be over shadowed with gratitude.

Optimistic people have healthier lives. A lot of times we focus so hard on the negative that we stress ourselves out and cause physical harm to ourselves. An overall positive attitude will circumvent your negativity from being a toxicity to your physical body.

I want to hear your thought – what are some of your positive affirmations that you say everyday? Leave them in the comments!