Oh Boy Do We Have a Problem – Meet’em where they are at!


Hey Family!

Here is the third installment of our conversation on the topic “Oh Boy Do We Have a Problem”. Let me catch you up for those of you who are¬†just coming aboard.

We have been discussing the millennial generation and how if we don’t change our methods and approaches we’ll never reach them like we want to. What worked for us won’t work for them and we have to be ok with that. Not accepting this fact will have you trying to shove a method down someones throat while loosing the mission in the process. The mission can be summed up in one word: REACH.

OK! So are you caught up now? Take the liberty to read Monday and Tuesday’s installment.

Today I want to discuss “Meet’em where they are at”.

Do you have snapchat? Instagram aka (insta), do you periscope and have you downloaded Blab yet? If you haven’t then stop kidding yourself, you are not ready to reach this generation. Well let me change the way I’m asking this question. Have you been fishing in the desert, and snow gliding in the Sahara? Not being open to meeting this generation exactly where they are at is just as ludicrous as my questions about fishing and snow gliding.

Meeting this generation where they are is almost like a safety light for them. It creates an openness and comfortability where they can be themselves.

Have you forsaken the mission, because the method has been challenged?

Talk to your tomorrow! ūüôā

Oh Boy Do We Have a Problem – The “Other” Side


Hello Family – so as promised I’m coming back to talk about the millennials.

Here is the first thing we have to do to win them over. Show them the “other” side

As I was saying yesterday you can’t win millennials by prescribing the same structure that worked for you, they will view it as control and immediately rebel. The key to winning millennials over is to relate to them, tell stories not about how you did it, but how you failed at it over and over again. Yes, you have to show them your “other” side. Think of this generation as a current day doubting Thomas, they don’t want to just hear it, they want to feel the wounds and see for themselves.

As the elder generation, we have to learn to let our guard down, take off our fancy suits, put on some jeans and sneakers and simply have a conversation. In other words, we have to be secure enough to come from behind our “leadership wall” and be vulnerable. This will make you genuine to this generation and they will attract to your message. If the messenger doesn’t line up with the message, you will not be accepted and deemed fake.

Are you ready to show your “other” side? Do you have scars from the proverbial fight that you haven’t talked about? Those scars were left as an evangelism tool to this generation. I want to stir your heart to pick back up your fishing rods, don’t give up on this generation. They can be reached, it will just take a different strategy.

Join me tomorrow as we continue the conversation!!

Oh Boy Do We Have a Problem!


I hope that the topic of this blog has drawn you in enough where I have gotten your attention properly. So you may be wondering do we really have a problem and my answer is ABSOLUTELY!

There is a generation that is bolder, more outspoken, and determined to break the mold called the millennials! The issue is this generation has no intentions on following the beaten path that our forefathers created and we held true to. Going to church twice a week, keeping the same job for 20+ years, and having 2.5 kids and a dog with a white picket fence is the last thing on this generations mind. If we are going to effectively reach this generation then we are going to have to change our methods – point, blank, period! Do not think you are going to fit this generation into the mold that worked for you, it will NOT work. They will rebel, mock you, and find a better more efficient way to do what you’ve been doing perfectly all these years.

I don’t say this often as it isn’t the advice I like to prescribe to but in this case I say this proudly, “If you can’t beat them, JOIN THEM.”

This week I will be focusing on the steps to win this generation over. Looking forward to you taking this journey with me.

What are you expecting?


What are you expecting from that situation that you are in? I think that is the question you should ask yourself each time you face a challenging situation.

Ephesians 3:20 –¬†Now unto him that is able to do exceeding abundantly above all that we ask or think, according to the power that worketh in us

God wants to do way more than what we can ask or think, this isn’t really a testimony of what God can do but more importantly what you are doing. If you are thinking low, expecting the worse, then you make it impossible for God to work.

I want to challenge you today to LIFT your expectation up, give God something to work with. If you haven’t been getting what you want out of life, it’s time to ask yourself, WHAT HAVE YOU BEEN EXPECTING?

The Brick Wall


Happy Tuesday!

I want to talk to you about The Brick Wall. You might ask, what in the world is that? It’s the wall your body hits after you’ve pushed yourself too hard. Your soul is stronger than your physical body, and if determined you can push yourself beyond your physical limits. Because of that I believe everyone has a limiter that when passed their body will do something drastic to get your attention – and that is what I call the brick wall.

In the society we live in, we have to be the best in everything we do. This means waking up earlier and going to bed later. It means not taking the time to eat a proper lunch, but grabbing something fast and mostly unhealthy. I think sometimes we forget that our body is like a car, it is built to last BUT you have to take care of it.

I want to encourage everyone to take a moment everyday and slow down, make sure you involve yourself in some form of prayer and meditation and most of all get plenty of REST. It’s better to take a moment a day and rest, than to loose 2-3 days recovering from sickness!

I want to hear your thoughts, leave a comment or a question below.

You WILL have to live what you preach!


I wanted to drop a little note with you guys tonight about living what you preach.

This has been a very trying week for me, with the sudden tragic death of a dear family member. It’s in moments like these where we are forced to pull from the reservoir of knowledge we have about our God and ourselves. Challenging times can cause you to act out of character, doubt yourself and doubt God. It will show you what you are made of, if there is hypocrisy, envy, jealousy, unbelief (you name it) in you, challenging times will bring it to the top. The good thing about it is you get the opportunity to stand in front of the mirror of life and receive a clear unbiased assessment of who you really are. After receiving that assessment then you have a choice to make: change or stay the same.

I want to prepare for what’s to come, no man can escape the test of life. Be prepared to stand in front of your mirror and fully accept what you see then CHANGE!

How to deal with Arguments properly

Everyone has disagreements, but how they are handled determines if everyone will great relationships! ūüôā Here are three steps on how to deal with arguments properly.

  1. Make sure there really is a disagreement. I have seen more times than none where people are in an argument, but what they are arguing about isn’t really the issue, it’s just a mask for other frustrations. It is very important to make sure that when you are in a disagreement that you take the time to fully understand what your disagreement is about. You might find out that you all agree, but your opinions or views were just miscommunicated.
  2. Separate yourself from your position.¬†Try to adopt this¬†when in a¬†disagreement. If we involve ourselves personally with our positions, we will have a harder time being objective about them. That lack of objectivity can inflame¬†a disagreement.¬†Try to view your position not as “your” position, but merely “a” position. In the same way, if you have an issue with someone else’s position, make clear that your concern is with the¬†issue, not with the person, if that’s the case.

  3. Listen.¬†Listen to people completely, if you can, before responding. If you have to interrupt, for example, because the other person is being long-winded, try to summarize your understanding first. People sometimes express themselves differently than you expect. If you fail to listen, you might find yourself responding not to the other person’s actual position, but only to what you thought the other person’s position was.

I don’t want to see you waste away great relationships over simple disagreements. Take the time to listen and understand, it’s better to loose an agreement than loose a great relationship.