Life is Like – Part 3

Albert Einstein said life is like riding a bicycle, to keep your balance you must keep moving. This metaphor is spot on. If you stop moving the petals of the bike, the bike becomes off balanced. When people learn to ride a bike, often times, they have to learn the basics such as: balance, propelling … Continue reading Life is Like – Part 3

Are you a follower of the Masses?

Have you ever heard people rave about something that you wanted to experience only because what they were saying about it - then once you experience it you’re like BLAH. It’s amazing how the masses opinion always seems to be treated like facts. I believe that is what makes mass media outlets like social networks, TV … Continue reading Are you a follower of the Masses?

Better is Coming – Part 5

Well we made it to FRIDAY! We have been declaring and decreeing Better is Coming Better is Coming. We’ve talked about Better coming comprehensively in our lives on earth and Better is Coming in our lives in the ethereal as well. We talked about how you have to raise your consciousness and then let God … Continue reading Better is Coming – Part 5

Better is Coming – Part 3

Well we’ve made it halfway through the work week, I’m not blind to the fact that no two people had the same kind of week. Some of you have read this week’s blog and your week has been everything but Better, as matter of fact it has been the polar opposite, It doesn't matter what … Continue reading Better is Coming – Part 3

Better is Coming – Part 1

Well we are starting a new week, I want to coin this week better week. I’m not sure if you can sense it or not but Better is on the way. Ephesians 3:2King James Version  20 Now unto him that is able to do exceeding abundantly above all that we ask or think, according to the … Continue reading Better is Coming – Part 1

I don’t know!

There are 3 simple words that can really frustrate many of us. They are "I don't know". As a child this answer was unacceptable in our house. If I said "I don't know" , my mom would say "then find out". Recently in a bible study at New Day CFC we discussed 5 possible reasons … Continue reading I don’t know!