Trusting in Him


One thing I know for sure is the world is filled with uncertainties. From terrorism, to the economy– not one second past the present is really guaranteed. With that being said I often wonder how those who don’t believe in anything greater than them handle the inescapable trouble of life. I’m reminded of the scripture

Psalms 61:2 From the end of the earth will I cry unto thee, when my heart is overwhelmed: lead me to the rock that is higher than I.

This scriptures totally sums up my life— when life gets hard I reach out to something that is bigger and better than what I am and he helps me EVERY TIME. See it’s my Faith that gives me the strength to do what I do. My Faith fuels my smile, my drive and my temperament. It is the motherboard of my soul. Without faith, I’m left to myself and my own reasons.

Psalms 3:5 – 7 says:

5. Trust in the LORD with all thine heart; and lean not unto thine own understanding.6. In all thy ways acknowledge him, and he shall direct thy paths. 7. Be not wise in thine own eyes: fear the LORD, and depart from evil.

This is the benefit of trusting someone higher than you – I’m not stuck with my own understanding. The truth of the matter is I don’t understand it all and I can’t figure it all out all the time, but when I pray he gives me direction.

I want to encourage you today to not take it all on yourself. This is what God is for, take time right now to talk to him, give him all your troubles, he’ll give you an understanding that’s far beyond what you can see right now.

Budgeting (Dirty B Word)


Lets start the conversation out by saying this: You can like nice things and enjoy life while you are on a budget. Budgeting doesn’t mean only liking the cheapest stuff and living the most frugal life.  It means giving every dollar an assignment and spending and saving with purpose. Sometimes people like to be cheap just for the sake of it, but you end up spending more money in the long run. For example, people will buy gas at a cheaper gas station even if it’s super inconvenient to get to and takes an extra 10 minutes out of their day. Or they’ll buy a ton of something that’s a super great deal just because it’s a great deal, not because they actually need it. Or they’ll give up eating healthy all in the name of purchasing the less healthy “value pack.” You might save money now, but you’ll spend more later.

Budgeting has purpose, and everything in your life INCLUDING your money MUST be purposed. Budgeting creates a consciousness that has you weighing the pros and cons of everything you spend. Now let me say this, budgeting isn’t like a fad diet. Budgeting is a lifestyle change. You don’t budget for 3 months, stack up on savings then be like, ok I can go back to frivolous spending again.  Budgeting your money really gives you the freedom to choose, and choose soundly. It can allow you to get a very expensive pair of  shoes that you need, instead of 5 cheap shirts that you don’t need.

Right now especially while life is crazy and busy, you need a financial standard to rely on or your money will get busy and crazy as well! Take the time this weekend to create a budget and stick to it.


Good day folks! I want to share a quick thought with you to help you navigate through this period in your life. If you are following me on FB and/or twitter I will be posting about this subject as well. I want to talk to you about STRATEGY!

Moving forward you MUST strategize. Every ounce of your energy must be accounted for and dispersed properly. There is no time to waste on faulty relationships, mismanagement of money, or bad business deals. You have to do as Paul expressed he did in 1 Corinthians 9:26 – So I run like someone who has a goal. I fight like a boxer who is hitting something, not just the air. Here Paul is saying, I’m just not going through the motions, but every move is executed with precision as I am progressively moving towards my goals.

Before I finish this blog let me say this. I believe for those who are diligently working towards a goal and/or a project, you are going to far exceed your expectation! After all there is no need of starting something if you don’t plan on finishing strong, right? So let’s get the idea of failure out of our minds. Now that we got that out of the way, if you haven’t properly strategized take a moment (or as many moments as necessary) to do so now! Strategizing will save you energy, time, money and will serve as a reliable road map if you get lost mid journey!


How Do You Know When It’s Time For Change?


I feel like this needs repeating.

A lot of times we live a hesitant, tentative life, totally unaware of the strength and power that we have to get much more out of our lives. Today I want to challenge you to NOT be one of them.  Don’t wait until you have drained yourself of life completely before paying attention to the signs it’s time for a change.

I want to share with you some tell tell signs, when it’s time for a change.

You’ve forgotten you have choices. Learn to recognize when enough is enough. Sometimes you have to stop hitting your head against the proverbial wall and move on. You don’t have to continue living in the drama just because it’s familiar.

Allow yourself to let go of people and situations, ideas and feelings that aren’t conducive to the nourishment of your growth, or your soul. Let go. Let go now.

You’ve forgotten that you’re deserving of the best. Not everyone will look at you the same. But everyone deserves to have someone in their corner who appreciates them just as they are. Feelings of worth will never flourish in an atmosphere of criticism, where mistakes aren’t tolerated and differences are belittled.

If you’re besieged by people who are discouraging and critical, the spark of inspiration and hope that allows you to be in touch with your deepest potential is not easily recognized.

You’ve lost your passion. You’re lifestyle no longer fits the person you’ve become.  There’s no spring in your step, no joy in your heart. Life is just one ho hum day at a time. You’ve forgotten a time when you jumped out of bed with a smile in your heart.

External motivation doesn’t last long. Material possessions and money all have their place…but if you want to live a passionate life it’s the internal motivation that will get you there. And it’s rarely exhausted until the dream comes true.

Life is too short to continually go around the same mountain over and over. If you find yourself in the above, IT’S TIME TO MAKE A MOVE!

Sometimes You Have to Let Them Go.


Hey Family – Hope you guys are well. I need to discuss with you something that can really be the difference between failure and success.

People are an important factor in your life. No man is an island and for that we all should be glad. People accent our lives with color, they bring laughter, relationship, and companionship. To that fact, when God wants to get something to you He uses a person or a group of people. Just as much as having a person or a people in your life is NECESSARY for success, to the contrary having the wrong person on your life could easily thwart all the good that is suppose to come to you.

So we understand that we need the right people in our lives, let’s go a little deeper. There are times where you are forced to get someone out of your life that you love or even more importantly actually like. Yes, sometimes your closest friend is the worse enemy to your destiny. Being with them will serve you laughter today but, tears on tomorrow. Typically with our loved ones, we tend to ignore the signs that life gives us to let them go. After all this is the person you kick it with, this is the girlfriend that you call when you want to have girls night out, this is THAT guy. Yes I know, I know – but did it even occur to you that keeping this person or people in your life though  it isn’t upsetting your now has completely stunted your future.

Sometimes people, especially friends and family that really love us work hard to keep us where we are at. They enjoy our now, but they are not quite ready for our future. Have you been holding on to people you KNOW life/God/The Universe has been telling you – LET GO! If that’s you – you can also agree that you’ve been filling stagnant and stuck, while it seems everyone around you is doing just fine. I want to challenge you today to break yourself free by letting them go!

3 tips on What it Takes to be Successful

Success isn’t magical. It takes intention and purpose, furthermore it’s more of an inward work than outward. Below I’ve listed 3 things you have to do or become to achieve and maintain success.

1. Think positive. It’s so much easier to be pessimistic than to be optimistic, isn’t it? To look at the half empty glass instead of the half full glass, to criticize and complain instead of expressing our appreciation and gratitude for everything that happens to us and all around us. Well, not anymore.

2. Set goals and write them with target schedules. Without dreams, how can we have a winning attitude to fight life’s many battles? Without target schedules, goals are fantasies and unexciting.

3. Passion. We should love our work, whatever our vocation. We should be the best and throw away the “It’s already okay” mindset.

I want to hear your thoughts….what are your steps for success.

Joy is Coming


Well we are at the end of the week and I must say God has brought us through it!

I want to take sometime and share my heart with you. I believe that the upcoming months are going to prove itself to be good for us. Psalms 30:5 comes to mind as I type this: For his anger endureth but a moment; in his favour is life: weeping may endure for a night, but joy cometh in the morning. 

Life is nothing but a cycle of seasons, and for some of us we have been in a long season of wandering through the wilderness trying to find our way. Though the wandering comes with invaluable life lessons, which we are all the better for. I sense a turning of the season. I believe it’s time for joy to come!

No matter where you are in your life right now, remember this – JOY IS COMING! Your weeping is seasonal, and that season is almost up. Make sure you are learning all the lessons you are suppose to learn while you are in the wilderness. The last thing you need is repeats and do-overs. If you are ready for what’s to come start preparing yourself, because JOY IS COMING.