Love – What it Really Means


The Love of many is waxing cold. That statement comes from a very popular scripture in the bible. The more that I live the more I find out that the saying is so true. People are more cold now than I have ever seen. There is a lack of compassion for others which introduces a strong strain of judgement and condemnation. We have become a selfish generation that only thinks about themselves and no one else. With all of that being said, I’m not surprised that the bible suggest that if you really want to know who is a Christian or not, inspect the way they love each other.

Isn’t that amazing that the contrast wasn’t based on how many times you go to church in a week or the amount you put in the collection container, but the contrast between followers of Jesus Christ and others is LOVE! Love – out of all of the things! If you are not “showing” love then anything you do is in the Name of Christ is null and void. Now I put the emphasis on “showing” because love is an act. It’s more than speaking to the lonely visitor on Sunday during fellowship time, it’s a consciousness that exudes into your lifestyle. You become love and everything you do surrounds it.

How does your love meter add up? Are you erring on the side of the world or the side of Christ. Don’t let your dedication to the work of God feed you a false sense of eternal security and make you think that you have a sure ticket into heaven. If you are not BEING or BECOMING love, you are not being Christ’s example on the earth and could risk your entrance into Heaven!

The Power of NO


From a child we have been warned about the guile of peer pressure. Not following the crowd. Standing up against right. It’s a part of the life lessons of childhood. What they didn’t teach us (at least as far as I can recollect) is how hard it is sometimes to say no. As well, what no is connected with. No is connected with loosing friends, being an outcast, and feeling vulnerable. It also means you run the risk of hurting someones feelings.

Yet in still, NO is a powerful word.

No is a measuring tool  which we can establish and maintain healthy space and self identity. No speaks loudly, “This is who I am; this is what I value; this is what I will and will not do; this is how I will choose to act.” There is nothing wrong with loving others, giving to others,  and cooperating with others, but that shouldn’t come at the risk of loosing our self.  When it does NO is in order!

No empowers you to create your own limits. Most of us need this self-in-charge-and-wholly-responsible empowerment that comes with the word no. This empowerment has no cost to it (financially that is) and you can start today! Create boundaries and when anything or any person tries to cross them – Just say No!


Good day folks! I want to share a quick thought with you to help you navigate through this period in your life. If you are following me on FB and/or twitter I will be posting about this subject as well. I want to talk to you about STRATEGY!

Moving forward you MUST strategize. Every ounce of your energy must be accounted for and dispersed properly. There is no time to waste on faulty relationships, mismanagement of money, or bad business deals. You have to do as Paul expressed he did in 1 Corinthians 9:26 – So I run like someone who has a goal. I fight like a boxer who is hitting something, not just the air. Here Paul is saying, I’m just not going through the motions, but every move is executed with precision as I am progressively moving towards my goals.

Before I finish this blog let me say this. I believe for those who are diligently working towards a goal and/or a project, you are going to far exceed your expectation! After all there is no need of starting something if you don’t plan on finishing strong, right? So let’s get the idea of failure out of our minds. Now that we got that out of the way, if you haven’t properly strategized take a moment (or as many moments as necessary) to do so now! Strategizing will save you energy, time, money and will serve as a reliable road map if you get lost mid journey!


How Do You Know When It’s Time For Change?


I feel like this needs repeating.

A lot of times we live a hesitant, tentative life, totally unaware of the strength and power that we have to get much more out of our lives. Today I want to challenge you to NOT be one of them.  Don’t wait until you have drained yourself of life completely before paying attention to the signs it’s time for a change.

I want to share with you some tell tell signs, when it’s time for a change.

You’ve forgotten you have choices. Learn to recognize when enough is enough. Sometimes you have to stop hitting your head against the proverbial wall and move on. You don’t have to continue living in the drama just because it’s familiar.

Allow yourself to let go of people and situations, ideas and feelings that aren’t conducive to the nourishment of your growth, or your soul. Let go. Let go now.

You’ve forgotten that you’re deserving of the best. Not everyone will look at you the same. But everyone deserves to have someone in their corner who appreciates them just as they are. Feelings of worth will never flourish in an atmosphere of criticism, where mistakes aren’t tolerated and differences are belittled.

If you’re besieged by people who are discouraging and critical, the spark of inspiration and hope that allows you to be in touch with your deepest potential is not easily recognized.

You’ve lost your passion. You’re lifestyle no longer fits the person you’ve become.  There’s no spring in your step, no joy in your heart. Life is just one ho hum day at a time. You’ve forgotten a time when you jumped out of bed with a smile in your heart.

External motivation doesn’t last long. Material possessions and money all have their place…but if you want to live a passionate life it’s the internal motivation that will get you there. And it’s rarely exhausted until the dream comes true.

Life is too short to continually go around the same mountain over and over. If you find yourself in the above, IT’S TIME TO MAKE A MOVE!

How’s Your Fruit – Joy, Peace, Patience, Kindness


Hey guys we had a great conversation this week about the fruit of the Spirit. My intentions were to just go through the fruit of the Spirit that spoke to me mostly, but at the last minute I figured I would just go over 4 more.  🙂  Enjoy this last installment!

Joy.  To have joy is the ability to be consistent in a state of mind of happiness in spite of what is going on. Joy feeds off of nothing but Faith, your strong belief that all is well no matter what. It’s a consciousness that bleeds into everything you do and say.

Peace.  There is a word that is used often as a phrase and it’s “unbothered” That’s what Peace is. It’s not the absence of turmoil, but it’s a response to it. When you have God’s Peace you are as this generation says. “unbothered”.

Patience. A lot like long suffering, it’s the ability to endure any sort of ill treatment from life without reacting negatively.

Kindness. First of all like all other gifts of the Spirit mentioned, Love undergirds them all especially this one. It’s the ability to adapt- to meet the needs of others. You have to have genuine Love for this gift to properly operate in your life.

Now if you look at the explanation of each fruit, do you get the picture of the life the Christian is suppose to live? When we sway to far from this template for living we actually do God and His agenda a disservice vs service. It’s almost better to put your I’m A Christian banner up until you’re able to arise to as close to this character as you can, then to wave the banner and dishonor His name.

Hope you enjoyed the discussion this week. Looking forward to talking to you guys again next week!

Oh Boy Do We Have a Problem – The Greatest Blessing


I hope you have enjoyed this week’s conversation – I sure have.

Here is the last point I want to discuss about the millennial generation – WE NEED THEM.

Sometimes we can get so obsessed with the mission that we miss opportunities for reform and change. We miss seasons where it isn’t necessarily time for war, but time to repair, renovate and reinvent. Though not intentional, we can easily loose our relevance as the times change, but we don’t.

It’s then that we need more than ever a fresh voice and perspective. I have seen great institutions fall miserable as they fail to grow and shift with the times. It’s the blockbuster effect. Blockbuster mocked Netflix when it first came out, because of it’s unconventional methods. Well I don’t have to tell the rest of the story, we all know how that turned out. What if Blockbuster would have been open to different? What if they would have liquidated some of their stores, and reinvented their method to cater to those who didn’t want to leave the house to watch their favorite movies.

Have you been blocking new voices because they don’t sound like yours? Has your business, organization, and/or institution been suffering and you don’t know why? Maybe it’s time for a change.

3 tips on What it Takes to be Successful

Success isn’t magical. It takes intention and purpose, furthermore it’s more of an inward work than outward. Below I’ve listed 3 things you have to do or become to achieve and maintain success.

1. Think positive. It’s so much easier to be pessimistic than to be optimistic, isn’t it? To look at the half empty glass instead of the half full glass, to criticize and complain instead of expressing our appreciation and gratitude for everything that happens to us and all around us. Well, not anymore.

2. Set goals and write them with target schedules. Without dreams, how can we have a winning attitude to fight life’s many battles? Without target schedules, goals are fantasies and unexciting.

3. Passion. We should love our work, whatever our vocation. We should be the best and throw away the “It’s already okay” mindset.

I want to hear your thoughts….what are your steps for success.