Strength in times of challenge

Hey Friends, Challenges are a part of life. How we handle them is totally up to us. In this interview, Dr. Jackson and I discuss my faith journey through the process of diagnosis. Please take a few moments to view the most recent interview from NiteLine. The more you listen, the more you get to … Continue reading Strength in times of challenge

Are You Ready For Success?

Happy Monday guys - I want to share with you one of 3 of many things you are going to have to do to succeed. Many people want success, or they want the fruit of success without wanting to do the work of success. The reality is SUCCESS takes loads of WORK. Success is for … Continue reading Are You Ready For Success?

Joy is Coming

Well we are at the end of the week and I must say God has brought us through it! I want to take sometime and share my heart with you. I believe that the upcoming months are going to prove itself to be good for us. Psalms 30:5 comes to mind as I type this: For … Continue reading Joy is Coming

Trusting in Someone Greater Than You

One thing I know for sure is the world is filled with uncertainties. From terrorism, to the economy-- not one second past the present is really guaranteed. With that being said I often wonder how those who don’t believe in anything greater than them handle the inescapable trouble of life. I’m reminded of the scripture … Continue reading Trusting in Someone Greater Than You

5 Reasons Why Monday are Actual Good Days

Happy Monday Everyone! Yes I said Happy Monday 🙂 If you are like me, you really want to chunk Monday's in the trash sometimes. Today I wanted to start the week off light with 5 reasons why Monday's are GREAT! 1. It’s a fresh start and therefore, a chance to move onto something new and make … Continue reading 5 Reasons Why Monday are Actual Good Days

Life is Like – Part 2

Today I’m going to continue my Life is Like series of blog with using a roller coaster. In one day you can experience multiple ups and downs, in and outs, twist and turns that can send you on a bevy of emotions. The reality is this is something that you can’t control, it’s just life. … Continue reading Life is Like – Part 2

Reaching the Nations – Part 1

Matthew 28:19 King James Version (KJV) 19 Go ye therefore, and teach all nations, baptizing them in the name of the Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy Ghost: This scripture is so potent being that it contains the road map to the direction the church should be going as Christ Return is near. Not … Continue reading Reaching the Nations – Part 1