How Do You Know When It’s Time For Change?

I feel like this needs repeating. A lot of times we live a hesitant, tentative life, totally unaware of the strength and power that we have to get much more out of our lives. Today I want to challenge you to NOT be one of them.  Don’t wait until you have drained yourself of life completely before … Continue reading How Do You Know When It’s Time For Change?

Life Questions?? Part 2

Happy Thanksgiving Eve for those of you who celebrate the American Holiday! For those of you who don't Happy Wednesday to you just the same. Have you ever looked at a person and their actions and wondered, What are they thinking? Don't they know that the consequences for those actions will yield a series of … Continue reading Life Questions?? Part 2

Have You Been Storing Up?

Hold fast to what you have learned - it will be a valuable treasure later as the days get darker. I have a question. Have you been storing up? No not money or food. I'll bet my bottom dollar that you are learning lessons presently that is not meant for now but meant for tomorrow. (figuratively … Continue reading Have You Been Storing Up?

Being fast does not matter, but enduring does!

This morning I sent this statement out to those that are a part of my text membership. "Being fast does not matter, but enduring does!" We live in a world where everything has to be done SUPER fast, even if that means harming others or the lost of quality. We have faster internet, faster automobiles, … Continue reading Being fast does not matter, but enduring does!

Let him without sin..

Hey Guys! I hope you are well and had a great holiday if you are from the U.S. I want to talk to you about casting ungodly judgement on others and the effects it has on you. Read the following passage of scriptures and lets talk below. 🙂 John 8: 1-10 (KJV) 1 Jesus went unto … Continue reading Let him without sin..

Trusting God

As in anything in life, most things are easier said than done. I believe on the onset of trusting God it's the same way. I want to put emphasis on "on the onset" because trusting God is like a muscle, the easier it is to be used. I want to talk about this today because … Continue reading Trusting God