The Importance of Rest

Hello guys, thanks for taking this journey with me this week as we have been focusing on our healthiness. Today I want to continue the conversation by discussing the importance of sleep/ Sleep should be considered just as important as eating right and getting enough exercise. Adults should aim for 7-8 hours of sleep, while … Continue reading The Importance of Rest

Eating Right

We our continuing our discussion on living a healthy life, today I want to discuss eating right! The first thing to understand is that you MUST adopt a healthy eating plan in order to lose body fat, feel great and function at your best.  The food choices that you make today will have an immediate … Continue reading Eating Right

Laughter – it’s the best Medicine

I want to spend the remainder of the week talking about good health. We can’t live our best lives and be in the worst shape at the same time. It just doesn’t work like that. We are suppose to be so healthy on the inside that it spills over into us taking action to make … Continue reading Laughter – it’s the best Medicine

The Benefits of Fasting Part 2

As we mentioned yesterday, I wanted to continue the discussion on fasting, as I’m leading my church in our beginning of the year consecration. The point I want to bring up today is how fasting can assist in self-discovery. This is really a very simple concept as it deals primarily with habit. Eating what we … Continue reading The Benefits of Fasting Part 2