The Matters of Money – Part 1

We are starting a new series this week on The Matters of Money. I want to share with you 3 practical money making habits that can change the way you handle your money. Keep your savings account at a different bank than your checking account. Keeping a savings account takes a discipline seemingly honed by few. The … Continue reading The Matters of Money – Part 1

Better is Coming – Part 5

Well we made it to FRIDAY! We have been declaring and decreeing Better is Coming Better is Coming. We’ve talked about Better coming comprehensively in our lives on earth and Better is Coming in our lives in the ethereal as well. We talked about how you have to raise your consciousness and then let God … Continue reading Better is Coming – Part 5

Better is Coming – Part 2

There comes a time where you say to yourself enough is enough. I have had enough with this. It’s in that place of weakness where you really are your strongest. A lot of times it’s our desperation that unlocks doors, tears down walls, and makes ways. It’s at a place of desperation where you're more … Continue reading Better is Coming – Part 2

It’s Only Temporary

I’ve said this before, but it stands repeating - wear life like a loose shirt. We all know what that means right? We are not suppose to treat anything in life as if it is permanent. The good, bad, and the ugly is only temporary. See everything has a season and a time, and nothing … Continue reading It’s Only Temporary

The Think Book by Dr. Larry D. Reid says, “Who you hang around determines your ground” - your relationships are a prophecy of your future. If you want to know what direction you are headed in life look at your direct circle around you. Are you surrounded by broke, sick, mindless people? Then by principle … Continue reading

Protecting Your Heart from Entitlement

Well we are wrapping up the November Sermon Series on being thankFULL. I pray that these blogs caused you to do major introspection in your life. No matter where we are in our social, economic, spiritual, financial, and even possibly physical state, I’m willing to bet- most of us are better off than our predecessors. … Continue reading Protecting Your Heart from Entitlement