What’s Happening When “IT” Doesn’t Happen?

Hey guys as I promised, I wanted to share with you about a principle that is highly used in life but gets little recognition. It’s the Principle of the Journey. We are all on a journey, well hopefully we are all on a journey. If you like the way your life is now and don’t want nothing to change this blog isn’t for you. If you died right now and all of your dreams were fulfilled and goals met, this blog isn’t for you. This blog is for the miserable, those who are doing all they can to push to the next level, but find it hard to catch any kind of momentum. This blog is for those of you who have accomplished great things up until now but have this nagging thing in the pit of your belly that says, MORE! YOU MUST DO MORE!

The second description speaks of someone who is on a journey. They are passing through one life experience after the other learning, failing, succeeding, and growing. To sum all those adjectives up, I would like to simply call it EVOLVING! The difference between the life journey and a physical journey where you travel from point A to point B is your life journey will never end. There is never an end destination, as long as there is breath in your body you will always be on a journey. Do you understand that? If you have some sort of idea that one day you are going to “make it” you have it ALL wrong UNLESS you are willing to stop evolving. At the moment you are ready to stop evolving, at that very spot is your end destination.

So let’s get back to the original question What’s Happening When “IT” Doesn’t Happen. So you are waiting on a promise, you are waiting on THAT breakthrough and you just don’t understand what is going on??? Well I want to share with you my answer. Be encouraged, you are simply on a journey. Everyday you wake up, you are closer than you were before you went to sleep. Everyday is a learning experience and you are getting wiser and wiser. God is preparing your personality and your character and getting you prepared for that blessing. If you get it now, you won’t be prepared for the magnitude of it and liable to loose it. So he is tempering you with experiences, so don’t ever think that nothing is happening. God is fervently working on you to get you to that perfect place and when your character and personality arrive there THAT blessing will come.

p.s. When that blessing comes, don’t get too comfortable. In just a moment, you’ll be on the next journey evolving, growing and preparing for the next journey.

What Have You Learned?


What have you learned in 2015? This year has given us ups and downs, good times and bad. We’ve cried and laughed – very hard to that fact. The one thing that all of these aforementioned emotional moments have in common is this: They all came to teach us something. Those lessons were and even still are being sent to get us ready for what is destined for us in 2016. If you have not learned those lessons, you won’t be prepared for the massive influx of good that is going to come in 2016.

A lot of times we put so much focus on the tree that we forget that there is a complete forest ahead of us. This is how we do with the moments that come in our lives, whether they are good or bad  – we put way too much focus on the moment and forget to consider why the moment came  – which is to affect our ENTIRE life. This will have you going through an entire year not really learning nothing. That in itself is a travesty!

Well all is not lost – here is what I want you to do. Take a moment to write down every significant moment you can remember on a sheet of paper. Then under each moment write down every lesson that was learned or suppose to be learned. Meditate over that list for the next 4 days and ask God to open your eyes to everything you’ve missed. Remember Jonah made a 3 day journey in one day. Writing and meditation can excel your footsteps and put you on a learning fast track as you prepare for 2016.

Be sure to leave your comments below on how your writing and meditation has gone.

You Will End at the Right Place at the Right Time.


Have you ever been traveling to a place you have never been before, and though you are following the GPS and/or given directions to the “T” you are still slightly worried if you are going in the right direction? I have experienced that, and only when you arrive to the proper destination do you at ease, knowing that you were going in the right direction the entire time.

Life can be like that, especially because this life journey that we’re on can offer us some unexpected twist and turns that can seemingly be unfavorable. We ultimate have to trust the maker, our eternal and internal GPS (God Positioning System) that no matter what path he leads us down we will ultimately end up at the right place and at the right time.

The variable in this equation that can throw the whole scenario off track isn’t the GPS or the roads He leads you on. The shaky variable is us, will we trust God wherever he leads? Or will we, out of fear, ignore the turn by turn directions and find our own route? See God’s plans for us our super abundantly good, even what appears to be bad for the Christian is actually working good in us. Here’s a truth that I want you to consider today: You can’t have God in a situation and not have good. God and good are synonymous.

Which driver are you on this journey? Are you the type that will trust the direction regardless? Or are you the type that will trust the GPS (God Positioning System)?

I want to encourage you today, You Will End at the Right Place at the Right time. Don’t burn unnecessary energy (fuel) worrying about where you are, as long as you know whose you are, you should KNOW that God is going to bring good into your life and your end will be PERFECT!

Got Directions?


What sense does it make to go on a trip, but not know how to get to the destination. You’ll spend so much time and energy stopping to ask for directions, hoping that the directions received are accurate. You are more likely to spend more of your resources filling up your car with gas from getting lost. How to prevent all of this is to make sure you get the proper directions before you start the journey.

Let’s bring a parallel to our lives, we are on a journey. Everyday we are getting closer and closer to our destination. We are not guaranteed success on this journey, as a matter of fact we are only promised the moment at hand and that’s it. Seems gruesome doesn’t it? Well it is! The thing that makes this journey not only doable, but joyous is when you know the destination. No matter what happens in the beginning of the journey or during the journey, if I’m connected to getting to my destination I don’t allow anything good, bad or indifferent to bother me.

What I’m concerned about is the many people that I run into on a daily basis who are on this journey called life, but have no direction. They don’t know who they are or what they are. They handle life by the seat of their pants with no real expectations out of life. This is such a travesty! Having no direction in life causes life cycles, always going around the same mountain. 10 steps forward 15 backward. Let me say this for you just in case you haven’t said it for yourself yet –  THIS HAS GOT TO STOP!

See when you know where you’re going in life, you don’t see traffic jams, detours, pit stops as a bad thing – they are a good thing and it works for your ultimate good. Today I want to encourage you to pump the brakes! Don’t go another step, begin to ask God for life direction. Ask Him the hard questions like what was the reason why your mom met your dad. Why out of all the people he could have chosen he chose you. After you receive the answers, you’ll find the ride more smoother!

Enjoy the balance of your week and have a GREAT weekend.