Are You Ready For More Money?


Money, Money, Money, MONEY. For some, that word remains in the backdrop of their minds. They can’t shake it – the want and/or need for MORE MONEY. I want to propose a question, Are your ready for more money? Let’s put your answer to the test, read the following, then in the comment box below let me know if you are ready or not.

1. Do you manage your emotions?

Now you may say, what does managing my emotions have to do with money? My answer is VERY simple, EVERYTHING! People who are good managers of their money have to be good managers of their emotions. They can’t be so impulsive that they can never stick to a good solid financial plan, neither can they be so fearful to loose money that they never take risk. Now do you see how it works? If you are emotionally unstable, it leaks into your financial management.

2. Do you pay your current bills on time?

Yes – You might be ready No – you are NOT ready

There is no need for discussion here, repeat after me – I – WILL – PAY – MY – BILLS – ON – TIME. Did you say it? Good!

3. Are you a giver

Now you may say, “of course you’re going to raise this issue because you are a pastor and the church survives financially from freewill giving.” To that I say, “yes you are EXACTLY right”, but that isn’t the main and only reason why I’m saying it. Giving is a universal law, not a “church law”. If the farmer takes his seed and sows it into the ground, he gets a return. If the investor gives his money to ACME investment (not a real company – but just go with me here) if he is smart he’ll get a return. The way the universe spins, you can not give something and not get it back (more or greater than how you gave it).

Ok so again I ask, are you ready for MORE MONEY? If you answered yes to the above, than you are on your way to financial increase! Don’t forget to comment below.

The Matters of Money – Part 5


Happy Friday!

We are concluding The Matters of Money week and I want to thank all of the followers and visitors of this blog for hanging out with me.

Today I want to talk about the role of the believer, as it relates to money. Now this might get a little tight through here only because the church has received such a bad wrap about how they collect money and what they do with it afterwards. Well, let’s go ahead and discuss the proverbial pink elephant in the room so that we can move on- clear in our conscious for the remainder of this blog.  I AM NOT TALKING ABOUT THAT CHURCH. Ok- are we clear? I’m only referencing churches and pastors who have dedicated themselves in doing it the right way.

As Christians, we own nothing. Let me say thing again, you probably are thinking this guy has worked too hard this week. No I’m in my right mind, we own nothing, BUT we are stewards of everything. What God does to and for the person whom He trusts is give them money, resources, and abilities so that they can be a tool in the earth for Him. It was never about how great you are, your advancement is connected to His will and purpose for your life. So the job you have, the car you drive, the money in your bank account is His and you are only managing it for Him. See when the preacher says Give God your life over the pulpit this Sunday, you are going to have a comprehensive understanding of what that really means.

When we truly understand the purpose of increase, then local church pastors will never have to become over concerned about the vision and the finances of their churches they serve at. I strongly believe that if a local church is lacking in any area, then there is someone in that church that is not being a good steward over what God has given them. They are squandering it elsewhere, while leaving the church, the pastor, and God’s vision bankrupt. I also believe that that person will innately put a cap on them self and never grow to their best potential. Imagine this – could it be that the ceiling in your finances, relationships, and career is due to the lack of stewardship and support to God’s agenda. Have you been so YOU focused, that you haven’t fully considered what God wants?

I’m going to stop here. This is enough for you to chew on for today and the rest of the weekend. I hope that you have enjoyed this week’s blogs as much I have. I’m looking forward to spending next week with you again. Love you guys.

The Matters of Money – Part 4


Good day to you all, I have been enjoying The Matters of Money week. Today I want to discuss how we should purpose every dollar that comes in our hands. This is especially important as we are in this time of year. A lot of people tend to look at your tax refunds, school loans refunds, and bonuses on our job as extra money. The reality is, there is no such thing as extra money, if you have money in your possessions than it should be purposed for something. When you don’t put a purpose on every dime that comes in your hand, you are more than likely going to spend it frivolously.

Do you remember the time you had an extra 100 dollars or so in your bank account after all your bills were paid, so you thought that was your sign to blow the money? After all, you did the responsible thing and paid your bills. Then the very next week an unexpected bill comes up that was the exact amount of the so-called extra money you had the week prior. Yelp I remember those times as well. See money comes to you with a mission and a purpose, and it is our job to discern that mission and purpose. If we don’t, we will always find ourselves coming up short. So it isn’t that we don’t have enough money to pay our bills, it is that we didn’t discern the purpose of the money we had, so we misallocated our money into the wrong places.

Moving forward never let a dime come into your bank account that isn’t purposed for something. This will keep you disciplined and will create a supply to fulfill every expected and unexpected need.

The Matters of Money – Part 3


Happy Wednesday – we are halfway through the work week and I pray that it has been very productive for you. We are continuing our conversation on “The Matters of Money” today. Yesterday we talked about how money is a mirror of the heart, and it will magnify the condition of your heart. Today let’s stay along those same lines, but from a practical perspective.

If you grab your check register, monthly statements, or look at your online account you can get a pretty decent scope of who you are and where you like to spend your money. The question is, what are your financials saying about you?

If there were one image, one image only, that surmised all of your financial transactions for the month of January until now, what would that image be? Could it be one of these?

Family sitting in living room smiling money-greedy1 st_anthony_front man3-420x0

Isn’t that interesting? As I said, your money is a mirror; it becomes whatever the person beholding it is? Which picture are you? Could you wear your financial image on the back of your shirt today and not be ashamed? If the answer is no, then you have some changing to do!

I’ve seen great men and women compromise their morality and spirituality due to money. I don’t want you to fall victim to this as you progress in life and in your money. The time is now, to ask God to clean your heart of the impurities that will make idolatry easy. Pray like David, “Create in me a clean heart oh God, and renew in me the right spirit!”

The Matters of Money – Part 2


Hello family – we are going to continue our discussion on The Matters of Money.

1 Timothy 6:10

For the love of money is the root of all evil: which while some coveted after, they have erred from the faith, and pierced themselves through with many sorrows.

Oh BOY! Let’s look at the scripture above. Now firstly, lets understand what the Apostle Paul is saying – he isn’t saying money is the root of all evil but “THE LOVE” of money is the root of all evil. See as a disciplined person, you can’t love anything more than you love God – and money has a way of hoarding all of your love. It’s like the snowball effect, the more you entertain this ungodly union with money the more it grows. I’ve seen people lose relationships, leave the Faith, and even kill themselves and their families over MONEY!

See money has a unique quality – it’s a mirror. Money will be to you what you are to it, if you have evil in your heart, then money will magnify that evil, if you have good in your heart then money will magnify that good. This is what makes money so powerful, it show you the condition of your own heart.

Knowing what the scriptures says in Matthew 24:12 – How in the last days the Hearts of many will wax cold and compare it to the insatiable desire to gain more money, you can see what state the world is in. There is a safety net that we can depend on and that is Matthew 6:33 Seek you FIRST the Kingdom of God and all his righteousness and all these things will be added unto you. You will have to read the entire chapter of Matthew 6 to understand the term “all these things”, but this scripture is a safe guard from allowing money and things to become or stay idols in your life. SEEK GOD FIRST!

Today I want you to monitor the frequency of your heart, if God gave you a one-million dollars today, what would the mirror of money show you about you? SELAH

The Matters of Money – Part 1


We are starting a new series this week on The Matters of Money. I want to share with you 3 practical money making habits that can change the way you handle your money.

  1. Keep your savings account at a different bank than your checking account.

Keeping a savings account takes a discipline seemingly honed by few. The key of a savings account is to deposit money set aside for emergencies, hard times, and/or a nest egg into an interest bearing account, detached from your expense account. Outside of those previously mentioned parameters there shouldn’t be any other reason to withdraw any money from your account. One of the ways to keep the discipline of never withdrawing from your savings is to open up a savings account in a different bank then where your expense account is. This will keep you from having easy access as well as being able to see the balance when you login to balance your expense account.

  1. Buy only what you can afford and what you actually need or really want.

Now to some this may be a mute point. You might say, “of course!” but there are a lot of people who are trying to keep up with the Jones’ proverbially. They spend frivolously, for any reason. If they are emotional they spend, for any reason, any day, any time, THEY SPEND. This is a great principle to enforce to increase your discipline. Let’s say you have the extra 50.00 to spend on an item, you should ask yourself – do I really need or want it, and most of all can I afford it? Remember this – having an extra 50.00, doesn’t mean you can afford to spend 50.00.

  1. Balance your checking account

This is a MUST! If you are the type of person that looks at your account balance online and if there is a balance there you spend it, more than likely you are loosing money left and right. Balancing your account gives you insight of your spending habits, it let’s you see if there are any fraudulent items coming out of your account, and  it gives you an accurate balance. This point is especially important for check writers, because you can write a check today and it not come out of your account until Friday (depending how long it takes for the check bearer to deposit the check on their end) If you only judge your account by what the balance says online, then you will definitely be looking for some hefty overdraft fees.

Stick with us all week as we discuss the matters of money. You guys have a blessed week!