Your New Season is Coming

Happy Monday. It’s the beginning of the traditional work week and the beginning of the Month of March. As I was looking outside I noticed that it was a little lighter outside than normal for it to be around 6:45. It came to my mind that we are prepping for a season change. We have … Continue reading Your New Season is Coming

The Matters of Money – Part 5

Happy Friday! We are concluding The Matters of Money week and I want to thank all of the followers and visitors of this blog for hanging out with me. Today I want to talk about the role of the believer, as it relates to money. Now this might get a little tight through here only because … Continue reading The Matters of Money – Part 5

Prayer Part 1 – Don’t Give Up

Happy Monday! I hope you enjoyed last week's blog discussing the benefits of fasting. This week I want to discuss prayer. I hope you are ready to journey with me as we discover how prayer or the lack thereof can change the trajectory of your life. Prayer Part 1 - Don't Give Up Luke 18:1-8 … Continue reading Prayer Part 1 – Don’t Give Up

The Benefits of Fasting Part 4

So we have used the entire week to discuss the importance of fasting. I pray that you have been enlightened and now inspired to delve deeper into the benefits of this sacred act. The last point I want to share with you is fasting creates new starting points for you. Everyday you exert the proper … Continue reading The Benefits of Fasting Part 4

Making Decisions

I sense in the upcoming year there will be a lot of decisions that have to be made. Should you move, should you stay, should you take the new job, or stay at your current one. I also feel that these decisions will be time sensitive to the advancement or regression of your destiny. It … Continue reading Making Decisions