What to Do When Divorce is an Option

When a staggering 40 - 50% of marriages will end in divorce in America I think that raises just cause to talk about the D word! Ladies and Gentlemen divorce is real, no matter your socioeconomic background, race and/or creed if not careful you can end up on the other side of marriage. I’ve heard … Continue reading What to Do When Divorce is an Option

Are You Ready For a Relationship?

Happy Thursday guys! I hope that everyone has had an awesome week. So I want to know one thing??? Are you ready for a relationship? Today's pop culture teaches us that it's ok to go in and out of relationships frivolously. A lot of times the temptation to have this fantasy TV relationship causes us … Continue reading Are You Ready For a Relationship?

Never Stop Learning

Happy Thursday I’m still at the #ARC15 conference. No matter how far you get in life, you need to always be in a position of learning. I’ve seen great people cap out after obtaining a particular goal, the reason why is they stopped learning. They inundated themselves in what they already knew, but never searched … Continue reading Never Stop Learning

Taking Care of Yourself – Building Great Relationships

We have been talking about the three practical steps for physical health, Mental Health, and Emotional health. Now we are going to discuss 3 steps for healthy relationships. 1- Practice listening to the person you are interested in developing a relationship with. People often feel honored when you give them the respect of your ear. … Continue reading Taking Care of Yourself – Building Great Relationships

Building a Relationship with God

Are you looking for a deeper, more connected relationship with God, but seem to have a hard time? As a pastor this seems to be the struggle of most parishioners. They want to grow in God, but don’t quite know how to start or what to do. Here is my approach to building a strong … Continue reading Building a Relationship with God

Friendships – Are they essential?

Today I want to share with you something that is very important for our overall health spiritually and naturally. The bible says in Matthew 24:12 that, “Because of the increase of wickedness, the Love of most will grow cold” That scripture says so many things to me, but mainly it speaks of the current condition … Continue reading Friendships – Are they essential?

Protecting Your Heart from Entitlement

Well we are wrapping up the November Sermon Series on being thankFULL. I pray that these blogs caused you to do major introspection in your life. No matter where we are in our social, economic, spiritual, financial, and even possibly physical state, I’m willing to bet- most of us are better off than our predecessors. … Continue reading Protecting Your Heart from Entitlement