Building a Relationship with God

Are you looking for a deeper, more connected relationship with God, but seem to have a hard time? As a pastor this seems to be the struggle of most parishioners. They want to grow in God, but don’t quite know how to start or what to do. Here is my approach to building a strong … Continue reading Building a Relationship with God


I am so pumped about a strong finish to 2013! Here is a personal invitation to join me at church this Sunday. Below you will find 3 reasons to join me. 1-LAST SUNDAY IN 2013 Sunday -90 Minutes of Amazing Energy -Powerful praise and worship (with live praise band) -Our final Holy Communion Fellowhsip of … Continue reading BIG NEWS


Wouldn't it be great if we all had a button that we could push and delete every thing that didn't go the way we had planned. There have been those times where I was like, I hope nobody saw that one. I have laughed at myself (and still do) very often when a blooper moment … Continue reading DID I DO THAT?


Job 22 verse 28 thou shalt also decree a thing, and it shall be established unto thee; and the light shall shine upon thy ways. 12 daily declarations for the family 1- My family and home are protected by the blood of Jesus 2- Greatness fills my house and all that dwell therein 3- This … Continue reading DECLARE IT


I had an opportunity to attend an event where they had a mechanical bull. I chose not to show off my "bull skills" that day, so I just watched the others. (Ha Ha) It was so simple, all they had to do was hold on. I mean really, how difficult could that be? It's just … Continue reading THIS IS SOME BULL

I don’t know!

There are 3 simple words that can really frustrate many of us. They are "I don't know". As a child this answer was unacceptable in our house. If I said "I don't know" , my mom would say "then find out". Recently in a bible study at New Day CFC we discussed 5 possible reasons … Continue reading I don’t know!