YOU – Are Your Biggest Supporter

Even more fickle then life is PEOPLE. Some days they are for you, other days they are against you. Remember Peter in the bible? He very adamantly replied to the Lord that he will not deny him, as Jesus was preparing them for his death. He was even the brave one, that drew his sword and … Continue reading YOU – Are Your Biggest Supporter

Never Stop Learning

Happy Thursday I’m still at the #ARC15 conference. No matter how far you get in life, you need to always be in a position of learning. I’ve seen great people cap out after obtaining a particular goal, the reason why is they stopped learning. They inundated themselves in what they already knew, but never searched … Continue reading Never Stop Learning

A Letter to Me From Me

Dear Me, Firstly, I want to say that you’ve done a good job thus far. Yes I know you haven’t been perfect and there are some goals that you wanted to accomplish by now, but don’t be so hard on yourself. Due to the challenges you’ve faced in life you should be way worse off than … Continue reading A Letter to Me From Me

Making Decisions

I sense in the upcoming year there will be a lot of decisions that have to be made. Should you move, should you stay, should you take the new job, or stay at your current one. I also feel that these decisions will be time sensitive to the advancement or regression of your destiny. It … Continue reading Making Decisions

The Grass is Always Greener……

The grass always looks green on the other side! If you're like me, not only have you heard this saying multiple times, you've experienced it firsthand more times than that. It's amazing how we tend to never be completely satisfied with what we have. Many times it's not about getting more, it's about getting someone … Continue reading The Grass is Always Greener……

Protecting Your Heart from Entitlement

Well we are wrapping up the November Sermon Series on being thankFULL. I pray that these blogs caused you to do major introspection in your life. No matter where we are in our social, economic, spiritual, financial, and even possibly physical state, I’m willing to bet- most of us are better off than our predecessors. … Continue reading Protecting Your Heart from Entitlement

Grateful in the Workplace – Thank God It’s Friday

TGIF – Thank God It’s Friday After a hard week of work, it’s almost time for most of you to rest and enjoy the fruits of your labor. Many people look forward to Friday so that they can get away from work and not have to give it a second thought. But this Friday, I … Continue reading Grateful in the Workplace – Thank God It’s Friday