Investing in Yourself


Everybody is invested or investing in something, but few people are investing into themselves!

Self-Investment is the most profitable investment you ever make. It yields not only future returns, but often a current pay-off as well. The surest way to achieve a better quality life, to be successful, productive, and satisfied is to place a priority on investing in both personal and professional growth. The effort you put into consistently investing in yourself plays a large role in determining the quality of your life now and in the future.

Below are three way you can invest in yourself.

Develop your skills. Improving your skills doesn’t always mean investing in higher education. You can download eBooks of pertinent topics to your career, subscribe to current blogs, and take continued education classes.

Explore your creative side. There is a fountain of creativity within most of us that has never been tapped or certainly hasn’t been used to its highest potential. It’s time to tap into that Creativity! You’ve been inside of the box too long and the world is waiting to see what you will create when you decided to create outside of the lines. Below are some ideas that can help jump start your creativity.

  • Learn a new language
  • write something – a book, short stories, poetry, anything
  • Explore the outside world
  • Enjoy music
  • Create something tangible – paint, sculpt, make pottery, make jewelry or design your own clothes.

Nurture your mind and body. Nurturing both your mind and body allows you to have more to give now and  in the future, more energy, more knowledge, more ideas, greater strength, physical and mental endurance.

Expand your mind. Learning new things and keeping your mind active even in simple ways helps to grow and maintain your mental ability.

  • Read – anything and everything
  • Explore culture – attend performances, listen to different style of music, travel, or join an organization or group comprised of people from different backgrounds.
  • Open your mind – engage in conversations with those who disagree with you. Look at an argument and try to make a case for the opposing point of view.
  • Keep your mind active

Investing in yourself truly makes a difference in your life, your well-being, and your ability to thrive and perform to the best of your ability. The extent to which you invest in yourself, mind and body, not only shapes the way you interact with the outside world, it often reflects the opinion you have of yourself. Your future is in large part determined by your willingness and ability to invest in yourself now.

Take Care of Yourself


As you all know I have a goal set to loose another 20-25 more pounds. Like any goal you set it isn’t about conquering that particular thing – it’s all about conquering yourself. You have been your own competition the entire time. Yes, your biggest opponent is and will always be yourself.

When you understand that you won’t give out so much energy worrying about what others think, whether they like you or not, or do they accept you. See what happens is we put so much energy into trying to prove who we are and what we are to others that when it is time to actually do the work to accomplish the goal we are tired and drained. As a manager secularly and a pastor as well, it’s so easy to focus on everyone else. It’s easy to make other people’s problems my problems while burying my issues deep in my soul as if they don’t exist. What I’ve had to learn was that if my person is involved in everything I do, if I am not whole as a person then I’m not giving my whole self to my employees, to my family, friends or my church. With that being said the key to a better quality of life is to make sure that you are ok. If you are not well as a person then you cannot be a great mom, dad, husband, or wife. There is no such thing as superman in real life, and if it was he or she would have to take of their cape and be Clark Kent every once in a while.

Today, I want you to look at your life. Are you giving so much to the wellbeing of others – that you have nothing left for yourself? If so, what you are giving to others is not as impactful. It’s time to retreat into your quiet place in recharge, and after you have done that then skillfully give to others.

I will keep you guys updated with my weight loss progress.

Happy Weekend! I look forward to sharing with you guys next week.

Taking Care of Yourself – Your Body


Hello Family – it is yet another day and I’m extremely blessed to be able to share it with you guys. I want to talk about something very important that most of us don’t really like to deal with – that is our physical health. You can be an outstanding, overall great person, but if you are not taking care of your physical body you are not guaranteed to be with us very long at all. So I wanted to share 3 easy ways to take care of your temple.

  • Take time to exercise

Exercise is a great weight gain controller or maintainer. It also combats health diseases and conditions. You don’t have to go out and run a marathon tomorrow, but do something that will speed your heart rate up. It also helps stabilize mood. If you’re stressed out, exercise is a great way to ease tension and balance out your mood properly

  • Make sleep a priority

Now I know this can be a tough one being that sometimes it feels like there isn’t enough time in the day to do ANYTHING! The National, Heart, Lung and Blood institute says that Sleep plays an important role in your physical health. For example, sleep is involved in healing and repair of your heart and blood vessels. Ongoing sleep deficiency is linked to an increased risk of heart disease, kidney disease, high blood pressure, diabetes, and stroke.

  • Slow down

There is a Latin Term Carpe Diem – seize the day! In other words enjoy the moment. Often times we are so rushed to get here, do this, settle that, that we allow precious moments to pass us by that could be used to appreciate the small things in life with big meanings. If we learn to slow our pace a little, and take in the fresh air, enjoy the scenery, savor the lunch we’re eating – it will create a better flowing day that will work for us and not against us.

I hope that this helps you a little – it is not enough to be super smart, very spiritual, and financial well, but you MUST take care of your body. Start today with these three easy steps and create pockets of change in your life!!