Getting Ready for the Holiday – The B Word


We were taught as children not to ever ever never use the B word and guess what? I won’t be using “that” word today either.

The B word I will be using is BUDGET!

I want to share with you three things that will take the pain out of the Holiday season! It’s bad enough we are going to be eating over our fair share of food – let’s not gain the pounds and loose the money. I decree that not only will our bellies get fat, but this year our wallets will stay fat!  🙂

Set Your Budget. This is something that is best to be done now, versus later. Get a jumpstart now, so that you don’t mistake up on a sale next weekend and throw yourself off.  🙂  A lot of times, if we are proactive in setting a budget we are more likely to follow it. Knowing your spending goals long beforehand will help you stay on track financially as the season heats up.

Get Creative. One great way to save money and impress friends and family is to get creative. Store-bought gifts are great, but homemade gifts are often more meaningful and most recipients truly appreciate your time and effort. This is a good way to test your discipline. Can you forgo the rush of swiping your plastic to impress your family and friends and give something that is cheap, but more thoughtful?

Purchase Family gifts. Instead of getting your nieces, nephews, brother-in-law and favorite sister individual gifts – this year get a family gift. This will save you ton loads of money, and your not-so-favorite sister won’t get jealous this year!

I hope you enjoyed the humor, but most of all receive the lesson. This year let’s do it different, that way we won’t have any regrets when January comes in.

Are You Waiting on Validation?


The same crowd that will cheer you on is the same crowd that will boo you. You should never depend on people (even your loved ones) to give you a standing ovation. Now you might say, HUH? He has really lost his mind, but I speak truth to you. Do you have God in you? Well of course you do, then you have an untapped power, that can move mountains and tear down walls.

I want to put you back in touch with your divinity. You carry it around with you everywhere you go, and when you connect with it you do not “need” the validation of man. You are self validating. Repeat after me I-AM-SELF-VALIDATING. Now the reason why I put emphasis on need is because as humans to have validation from other would be nice. BUT if I don’t get it, it won’t stop me.

We often give people too much of our power, no one person’s words, money, support, love or the lack thereof should make or break your strive to your purpose. We are so empty, that we live for the validation of man, even if we know that means the risk of being hurt or mistreated. This is a vicious cycle that we continually fall into time after time.

What you should focus on doing is learning to give to yourself what you would need and desire from others. No one, and I mean no one, can lift you up like you can.

Are you void of support and validation? Look in the mirror and give it to yourself. Void of Love? Love yourself! This will create a healing and a wholeness that will transmigrate to every part of your life. You will then start attracting people to you, that don’t want your power, but instead want to assist you in empowering yourself!

The Matters of Money – Part 2


Hello family – we are going to continue our discussion on The Matters of Money.

1 Timothy 6:10

For the love of money is the root of all evil: which while some coveted after, they have erred from the faith, and pierced themselves through with many sorrows.

Oh BOY! Let’s look at the scripture above. Now firstly, lets understand what the Apostle Paul is saying – he isn’t saying money is the root of all evil but “THE LOVE” of money is the root of all evil. See as a disciplined person, you can’t love anything more than you love God – and money has a way of hoarding all of your love. It’s like the snowball effect, the more you entertain this ungodly union with money the more it grows. I’ve seen people lose relationships, leave the Faith, and even kill themselves and their families over MONEY!

See money has a unique quality – it’s a mirror. Money will be to you what you are to it, if you have evil in your heart, then money will magnify that evil, if you have good in your heart then money will magnify that good. This is what makes money so powerful, it show you the condition of your own heart.

Knowing what the scriptures says in Matthew 24:12 – How in the last days the Hearts of many will wax cold and compare it to the insatiable desire to gain more money, you can see what state the world is in. There is a safety net that we can depend on and that is Matthew 6:33 Seek you FIRST the Kingdom of God and all his righteousness and all these things will be added unto you. You will have to read the entire chapter of Matthew 6 to understand the term “all these things”, but this scripture is a safe guard from allowing money and things to become or stay idols in your life. SEEK GOD FIRST!

Today I want you to monitor the frequency of your heart, if God gave you a one-million dollars today, what would the mirror of money show you about you? SELAH

Prayer Part 2 – How to get God’s Attention

2 Chronicles 7:13-14 13. If I shut up heaven that there be no rain, or if I command the locusts to devour the land, or if I send pestilence among my people; 14. If my people, which are called by my name, shall humble themselves, and pray, and seek my face, and turn from their wicked ways; then will I hear from heaven, and will forgive their sin, and will heal their land.

It’s day two on our journey into the subject of prayer. The above scriptures references a promise based on a condition. If I can break it down into my words I would say, When stuff start getting whack do the following:

  1. STOP (in other words pull your energy from the  madness of your current situation)
  2. Have a change of heart
  3. Search for God’s perspective on the current situation
  4. Apply His perspective to your Life
  5. Then He will come and fix EVERYTHING
Prayer and a change of heart that propagates a change of lifestyle is like the proverbial Batman symbol, as soon as it was flashed in Gotham batman was alerted and came and saved the day.
A lot of times we try to fix things in our own strength, when in reality it was our own strength that put us in the mess we are in. If we would have been seeking God the whole time, he would have warned us not to make that decision, partake in that business deal, buy that car – as you know the list can go on and on. The good news is that we have a father that understands we are human and has given us a very clear escape plan to get us out of the mess we are in. Now I’m talking on a personal level being that mostly those who read my blogs are individuals and not groups at a time, but the same principal applies to any mass of people. If you are a pastor, group leader, manager, and/or CEO and you are experiencing grave difficulty in your workplace or organization, there is a 6 step plan up above that can bring you quick and precise resolution.
C’mon folks let’s get back to prayer. Seeking God’s face is the antidote to ANY (think I’ll repeat myself) ANY illness whether it is financial, emotional, physical, mental, or connected to you via relationships.

The Benefits of Fasting Part 2

As we mentioned yesterday, I wanted to continue the discussion on fasting, as I’m leading my church in our beginning of the year consecration. The point I want to bring up today is how fasting can assist in self-discovery.
This is really a very simple concept as it deals primarily with habit. Eating what we want, when we want, how we want can easily become second nature to us. Likened unto walking, turning on light switches or talking. Forcing yourself to break your daily routine, creates opportunities for you to become more conscious of yourself and the things that matter. Though fasting is primarily a restriction of food, it is truly a work of the soul. You inevitably put yourself in front of a mirror and slowly but surely become of aware of who you are (the good, the bad, and the ugly).
Fasting creates an opportunity for you to quite the outside distractions caused by an excess amount of entertainment such as food, TV, and social media to name a few, and totally focus on hearing your own voice. You’ll be shocked on what your inner self has been saying all last year, but your life was so noisy you couldn’t hear.
My prayer for you is that during this month of fasting and consecration that you seize this opportunity to still your life so that you can hear for the upcoming year!

Prioritizing for the New Year

my top 5
Wow we are in 2015!! Let me ask you a question? Can you look back at 2014 and see where  you invested your money, energy and/or time in a person, place, or thing that totally wasn’t worth it? Now don’t get me wrong, this thing doesn’t have to be a bad thing. Did you know you can invest into good things at the wrong time just as much as you can invest into bad things? As a matter of fact, the deception is stronger to invest into a good thing at the wrong time vs investing in a bad thing all together. Some of you might need a moment to take that in. Not to beat this path too much but, lets even take this deeper. Just because you are aware of a need doesn’t mean you should always be the one to fulfill it. The point I’m attempting to bring to light is that in 2015 we need to comb through a list of things that we intend to give our energy, time and money to and commit so strong to those things that it overshadows every distraction that could detour you from goals, destiny, desires and paths of success.
I was counseling an individual just a couple of days ago and I begin to try and encourage them and get them to see how talented they are. As well, I was trying to enlighten them on how it is so easy for your focus to get distracted, that you fail to put your energy in areas that matter the most. I gave them this piece of advice that I want to share with you. Make of list of things that you feel divinely you are suppose to put the majority if not all of your focus on. Naturally, the top choice that would get the greatest percentage of focus would be in the #1 slot then list 4 other things in order of their priority. I told her after she names those top 5 things, to not let NOTHING distract her from pouring her energy into them appropriately.
I want to challenge you to do the same thing, before the this week it out, right down your top 5 priority list. Be led by your calling, and the direction you KNOW you are suppose to go this year. Then commit to that like it’s a full time job. I want to add one caveat to this — don’t be surprised if your list has to be adjusted as you either accomplish goals, divinely receive a different set of directives, or your life changes in a way that causes you to have to re-prioritze. Other than that, let’s be more productive, potent, and progressive in 2015!

The Secret Success

Falure is Success

Generally speaking when one considers what it takes to be successful, you think of hard work, perseverance, much training, and a little bit of luck. There is one key that is not considered when thinking about successes’ ingredients and that is failure. FAILURE IS INEVITABLE! As a matter of fact, you will fail way more then you succeed. Remember this: Failure will be your greatest mentor. Failure actually conditions you for success; it teaches you things about yourself that you otherwise wouldn’t know. Failure causes you to have a genuine respect for yourself, as you have to face you – the good, bad, and ugly. Failure shows you who your real friends are, as the fake friends will either leave you or celebrate your fall. Failure teaches you how to give unconditional love, as the first person you have to give that treasure of grace to is yourself. One of the mysteries of life is that things grow by death. Just take a moment to let that sink in. Life’s paradoxal methods will have you discouraged, assuming you are going down the wrong path, but the reality is that the harder it gets, the better it gets. The darker the days, the better you see. If everything around you is dying, that means life soon come! I love you guys, thanks for reading!