Happy New Year Everyone!

I am so excited about all that God has in-store for you in 2016!

2016 has been declared our year of VICTORY and we are more than ready to have victory in every area of our lives.

One thing that I have been so excited about at VIBE Church (Victory in the Believers Experience) is that we have all successfully developed a healthy church culture which consistently lives out our motto “We are making a difference and we love it!”. The Lord has allowed our motto to become a reality for us in a huge way in a very short time. As we continue to make a difference, the opportunity has come for us to do it on a much larger scale.

It is my awesome privilege to announce that January 3, 2016 the VIBE Church will be merging into World Overcomers Christian Church -Raleigh Campus! We are more than excited about taking our Gifts, Talents and Treasures to make an even greater impact in the Kingdom with other like-minded believers.

My sincerest hopes are that you would join with us as we jump in at our NEW CHURCH HOME, World Overcomers Christian Church- Raleigh Campus. Lets continue making a difference while experiencing VICTORY in 2016!

Here is a link to the website. Take a look around so that you will know what to expect when you arrive in the morning.  www.wocconline.org

See you tomorrow!


How Do You Know When It’s Time For Change?


I feel like this needs repeating.

A lot of times we live a hesitant, tentative life, totally unaware of the strength and power that we have to get much more out of our lives. Today I want to challenge you to NOT be one of them.  Don’t wait until you have drained yourself of life completely before paying attention to the signs it’s time for a change.

I want to share with you some tell tell signs, when it’s time for a change.

You’ve forgotten you have choices. Learn to recognize when enough is enough. Sometimes you have to stop hitting your head against the proverbial wall and move on. You don’t have to continue living in the drama just because it’s familiar.

Allow yourself to let go of people and situations, ideas and feelings that aren’t conducive to the nourishment of your growth, or your soul. Let go. Let go now.

You’ve forgotten that you’re deserving of the best. Not everyone will look at you the same. But everyone deserves to have someone in their corner who appreciates them just as they are. Feelings of worth will never flourish in an atmosphere of criticism, where mistakes aren’t tolerated and differences are belittled.

If you’re besieged by people who are discouraging and critical, the spark of inspiration and hope that allows you to be in touch with your deepest potential is not easily recognized.

You’ve lost your passion. You’re lifestyle no longer fits the person you’ve become.  There’s no spring in your step, no joy in your heart. Life is just one ho hum day at a time. You’ve forgotten a time when you jumped out of bed with a smile in your heart.

External motivation doesn’t last long. Material possessions and money all have their place…but if you want to live a passionate life it’s the internal motivation that will get you there. And it’s rarely exhausted until the dream comes true.

Life is too short to continually go around the same mountain over and over. If you find yourself in the above, IT’S TIME TO MAKE A MOVE!

Sometimes you have to get dirty with it!


Hello family!

I hope you guys have been well over the holiday weekend.

You know a lot times as Christians we put a lot of emphasis on staying clean, and to that point we push everyone around us to be clean just like us (or just like we desire to be). First of all, let’s define the meaning of clean. When I say clean, I’m speaking of those set of spoken and unspoken rules that you better not break or you just might not make it in to heaven. You know “those” rules.

Though striving to live a clean life for Christ is commendable, it can become a two-edged sword. I have seen church people judge people and even evaluate the measure of Love that God will give an individual based on how they keep the rules or not. I have also seen individuals concentrate so  on getting or staying clean that when they make a mistake they are so guilt ridden and find it hard to grasp the Love and forgiveness of God for themselves.

We can easily start to preach and evangelize this hard to understand, legalistic gospel that leaves very little room for grey. This ideology also affects how we evangelize and who we evangelize to. We tend to shun the person that is “too far gone” The dirtier the individual the less we will embark any kind of evangelism with them.

Hear is what the bible says about ALL of us in Isaiah 64:6

All of us have become like one who is unclean, and all our righteous acts are like filthy rags; we all shrivel up like a leaf, and like the wind our sins sweep us away.

So in essence we are all in the same boat, we are all dirty. The difference is those that follow Jesus decides to take part in the Grace of God everyday that keeps our Judgement from our sins remedial and not penal.

Have you been so concerned about living an upright life before God that you have turned legalistic? Are you judging others by those same hard legalistic points of view?

If you answered yes to any of the above questions, I want to challenge you to get to know God again. His way is easy and His burden is light!

Life Questions?? Part 2


Happy Thanksgiving Eve for those of you who celebrate the American Holiday! For those of you who don’t Happy Wednesday to you just the same.

Have you ever looked at a person and their actions and wondered, What are they thinking? Don’t they know that the consequences for those actions will yield a series of events that will affect them for a lifetime? People are so now driven, that they forget that they have their lives to consider. As a society we tend to get so emotionally driven that our intellect or better yet our good common sense goes down the drain. I’ve seen people get caught up in the moment and have unprotected sex with a casual acquaintance recently met, now they have created a life together and are connected to each other for a “lifetime”. I’ve heard of stories of folks being curious about drugs, got high once and now battle addiction which controls their entire life to this day.

I always have to ask these people, What Were You Thinking? Typically they don’t have a proper response, as if their thinking was hijacked and they were totally not in control. Now knowing what I know about life, I believe that is true. To that point, I need to uplift the power of thought. Good ole’ fashioned rational thought. – it’s extinct –

We need to employ thought back into our lives, our minds have gone dull through over sensationalized stimuli such as social media, TV, games, movies, sweets etc that we are loosing our minds LITERALLY. Before we know it, we have found ourselves making financial, relationship, and/or career decisions that go in the exact opposite direction we intended.

I want to challenge you today to recapture your thoughts, find a good book to read or a good mental game to sharpen yourself. Thinking or the lack thereof can change the direction of your entire life.

You Will End at the Right Place at the Right Time.


Have you ever been traveling to a place you have never been before, and though you are following the GPS and/or given directions to the “T” you are still slightly worried if you are going in the right direction? I have experienced that, and only when you arrive to the proper destination do you at ease, knowing that you were going in the right direction the entire time.

Life can be like that, especially because this life journey that we’re on can offer us some unexpected twist and turns that can seemingly be unfavorable. We ultimate have to trust the maker, our eternal and internal GPS (God Positioning System) that no matter what path he leads us down we will ultimately end up at the right place and at the right time.

The variable in this equation that can throw the whole scenario off track isn’t the GPS or the roads He leads you on. The shaky variable is us, will we trust God wherever he leads? Or will we, out of fear, ignore the turn by turn directions and find our own route? See God’s plans for us our super abundantly good, even what appears to be bad for the Christian is actually working good in us. Here’s a truth that I want you to consider today: You can’t have God in a situation and not have good. God and good are synonymous.

Which driver are you on this journey? Are you the type that will trust the direction regardless? Or are you the type that will trust the GPS (God Positioning System)?

I want to encourage you today, You Will End at the Right Place at the Right time. Don’t burn unnecessary energy (fuel) worrying about where you are, as long as you know whose you are, you should KNOW that God is going to bring good into your life and your end will be PERFECT!

What is Your Motivation?


One of the more memorable scriptures in the bible is Philippians 3:14 – I press toward the mark for the prize of the high calling of God in Christ Jesus.

I have a question – what are you pressing for?

Is it a promotion? The New Job?

So many times we get caught up in pressing for material things that we forget the most important press – for the prize of the high calling of God in Jesus Christ.

Matthew 6:33 says – Seek ye first the Kingdom of God and his righteousness and all of these things will be added unto you. 

So according to the above scripture, if you seek the Kingdom of God first aka press toward the mark for the prize of the high calling, you’ll receive everything else.

This week I want you to shift your focus, exert your energy in prayer, fasting, and bible study – then watch God bless you beyond what you could ever imagine!!

Never EVER give up!


Life always seems to present us with innumerable challenges and problems on a daily basis. It throws left hooks when we were expecting right ones; it gives us apples when we desire oranges; it even presents us with seemingly awful surprises that we weren’t expecting, and it bloats us with unresourceful emotions that tend to tie us down to a life of mediocrity and unhappiness.

Despite all this, it is not so much what happens to us that actually makes a difference, it is rather what we do with what happens to us that determines where we will end up, what we will have, and how we will be transformed by our experiences.

It is very easy to strive towards the attainment of our goals and objectives when the oceans are calm and nothing appears to be standing in our way. However, if we are not mentally prepared the moment something begins to stir the waters and rock the boat from side-to-side, we begin to panic and struggle to deal with our circumstances. We see these problems and challenges as larger than life and way beyond our capabilities and means.

The great thing about these type of challenges is they really come to make us stronger. Challenges, turmoil, mishaps are meant to be a form of strength training for you. If you take them on, handling one challenge at a time, you’ll be stronger, wiser, and better for it.

No matter what happens this week or this month – keep your head high – and your focused zeroed in on what matters and good things are guaranteed to come out of it!